Will Of One Live and Euro Tour Extravaganza

So our tour with TWRP was a terribly incredible time. Things may have started off rocky 5, but they quickly turned into Rocky 1-4 and then 6, and then Creed 1, (I still haven’t seen Creed 2 yet, but I’ll rectify that soon) once we got past all of our bus and trailer issues, about 4 days in. I’d dare say it was one of the very best tours we’ve ever toured, and we already miss the poop out of being on the road with those dudes. We WILL do it again someday. 

But enough of this gooey shhhow of emotion, let’s get on with the stuff…

Will Of One – Live In Nashville
In honor of the recent Act I vinyl repress, and in honor of us finally going to Europe, we figured it was time to pull the wraps off of this thing we’ve been working on for a while. 

This is a clip from the night we first released the Act I vinyl. We were hoping to have it done for the repress release, but we just didn’t make it in time (Act III recording took priority!).  So yeah, this is just a teaser for the entire show video AND live album that’s on the way. It’ll include all of Act I and most of Act II, soooo better late than never?

We’re pretty proud of where it landed. We’ve wanted to do a live video/album for a long time and this show turned out to be the right fit. Buuut… as with most live recordings, this one came with some gremlins that had to be dealt with, so it’s taken some time. There were things we had to fix because of bad cables/mics… and there were things we had to fix because of Freddie Wong stepping on Ringo’s cable RIGHT at the start of one of his solos (we forgive you, Freddie…). There were just all kinds of lovely little nuggets of, “how the shit did that happen?!” that we had to fix. So what I’m saying is… because we wanted this to be a great listening and viewing experience for everybody, there were things we had to fix before we could let this see the light of day. But there were plenty of other turdy things we could have fixed but didn’t, since this is a live record/video and all live albums/videos are mildly turdy (I think it may be a law), unless you’re watching a Europe live show from ’86 or ’87. Seriously, everything that comes out of Joey Tempest’s mouth at those shows could be an album take.

Everyone who was part of our documentary Kickstarter will get the full show video for free… HOWEVER… those wonderful kickstarterers will also get a free copy of whatever the documentary is that we release in the future, because we said you’d get a for-real documentary, and by damns, we’ll get you a for-real documentary….. eventually… 

Speaking of live shows and documentaries… we’re headed to Europe in just over TWO WEEEEKSSSS!!!!!!

Tickets are running super low for several of the shows (especially Ireland, London, and Amsterdam), so jump on them quick. Who knows when/if we’ll get back over there. Grab some tickets below and tell all your friends about tickets, because I’ve heard that friends LOVE tickets.

03rd – Dublin – The Grand Social  – LOW TICKET WARNING
05th – London  – O2 Academy Islington  – LOW TICKET WARNING
07th – Munich  – Backstage Club
08th – Vienna – Chelsea
10th – Berlin – Privatclub
11th – Cologne – Luxor
12th – Hamburg – Kaiserkeller 
13th – Amsterdam – Melkweg  – LOW TICKET WARNING

We’ve got a ferocious new poster and t-shirt to show you soon. Expect another mailer next week! Seriously, maybe the best shirt and poster we’ve ever had.


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