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To The Travelers.

We have just been informed by the good people of Mercy Lounge, that if you are in need of lodging for the days surrounding the 25th, you can get a 20% discount at the nearby Best Western on Music Row if you say Mercy Lounge sent you(that was a remarkably long but somewhat acceptable sentence). All you have to do is ask for the manager named Poonam, and mention Mercy Lounge. (615) 242-1631. One word of advice, however, never look Poonam in the eye…because it may cost you yours.
We hope this info helps keep you off the dark and lonely streets.

We’re down to the last stretch. Under one day until we unveil another countdown that will slowly tick and tock its way until the ACTUAL release of Act II….on December 21, 2012.

Until then, I would like to thank all of you who have already reached for the stars and locked down your very own fancy private unadulterated physical copy of Act II…you’re like family now…well, sort of like family. I guess you’re not so much like family as you are like a bunch of creepy internet stalkers that give us your hard-earned bad-economy money from time to time. We know money is hard to come by. We know you work your fingers to the bone. We know you’re just a steel town girl on a Saturday night, looking for the fight of your life. Either way, what I’m trying to say is, we appreciate the hell out of you and your creepiness.

Now, as for the rest of you, I’m not going to say that if you don’t Pre-Order Act II right now, we’re going to come to your school and dip your head in a toilet in front of your friends, acquaintances, and that cute girl/guy you like. I won’t say that we’ll sneak into your room and hide all manner of drugs, pornographic material, and guns all over the place, while another one of us calls your parents with an anonymous and “concerned” tip…seriously, who would do such a thing?? However, I will say that if you don’t pre-order this record right now, a pack of wolves will come to your house tonight and devour your entire family. Think about it.

I’d like to take this time to point you in the direction of the man who brought the Act II album art to life. His name is John DeLucca. You may remember some of his fine work on our website and with the “Conquest Of The West” poster. He’s a man of great strength and power. Go ahead and let him know how much you like his magic.

If you still haven’t gotten your tickets to the Sept. 25th show, you’d best move with a quickness.

For those of you who are into things like Facebook and astronomy, you should click this link, and then spread it like wildfire.

They can’t hurt you now,


Don’t Call It A PreSale.

Act II - Album Cover

The Good Doctor
Father Of Death
The Hounds
The State Vs. Thomas Light
Give Us The Rope
How The World Fell Under Darkness
Breaking Out
Keep Quiet
Light Up The Night
The Fall
Here Comes The Arm


Even though its only seven days away, you can reserve your physical copy of “Act II: The Father Of Death” today.

*As usual, we recommend the physical copy of this album, because it is the only way to get the complete experience without me coming to your house and interpretive dancing my way around your family and pets for 57 minutes. Believe me, you don’t want that. It’s super creepy. I should know… I’m the one that has to do it. For instance, I’m an incredibly huge Kate Bush fan, but I don’t know if I could handle a personal ‘in house’ interpretation of Wurthering Heights. Save yourself the awkwardness… get the physical copy. To persuade you even further, Act II comes with a 24 page booklet filled with story and excitement. Act I only had 16… that’s almost 8 more pages!

Questions some have asked about the release of Act II —
1) Q: If I PreOrder Act II this week, will I receive it on or before the 8th of Sept?
A: Absolutely not. Act II is still at the fancy pressing plant, but will be ready for mailing on the 8th. No sooner. We wish it could arrive on your doorsteps on the 8th… but we’re not wizards of magic. Our hands are tied by machines and time.

2) Q: I want the digital copy to tide me over until my physical copy comes in the mail. Where can I buy a Digital Copy of Act II on Sept. 8th?
A:  Because iTunes seems to take forever to process albums, we don’t know if they will have it available that day. However, we DO know that it will be available on Amazon.com on the 8th. We’ll let you know more about all this on that special day.
*SEPT.8th UPDATE*  Act II is available on iTunes and Amazon. Choose your poison.*END UPDATE*

3) Q: Hey, Commander, have you ever seen a big bear riding in the back of a pickup truck?
A: If you had asked me that question a little over a week ago, I would have slapped you right in your eye…. but time has a way of changing a man. Things are different now. I’ll never forget. Still looking for normalcy. Freedom Fries. Have you ever seen something so powerfully raw and beautiful that it sucks the tears right out of your face? I stand before you now, a new man that has seen that “something.” For me, it took the form of a Majestic Black Bear standing in the back of a pickup truck that had a Dreamcatcher hanging from the rearview. Proving a lifelong theorem of mine, that dreamcatchers can land you a pet bear…and now I’m in the unexpectedly expensive process of buying a warehouse full of dreamcatchers…not bears. If my calculations are correct, you don’t need to buy bears because one dreamcatcher is good for at least one bear. *Actual Bear to Dreamcatcher ratios may vary due to geographic location*
If you have any information on the whereabouts of said bear, please respond to this Craigslist ad that I posted.

Album Release Show Update –
For those of you that are planning on buying presale tickets to the show, but have been procrastinizing all over the place, you may want to hurry up. We just got word that it looks like a shit load of you are coming on Sept. 25th. “Atta Boy/Girl,” to the ones that have already prepared themselves. “Shame on you,” to those that haven’t. Don’t get left out in the cold.

To those of you who have been asking. Let it be known that The Protomen are NOT playing DragonCon ’09. Blame in on the rain. HOWEVER… if you are going to be there anyway, you should go watch our friends – How I Became The Bomb. Does it help you to know that their drummer helped out on Act II?

Yeah. If you are into such things, you might as well start following the shit out of us, because we may or may not be getting more deep up in it. It sorta creeps me out in a lot of ways, but it seems to be pretty powerful for quick bursts of viable information. And I know how much you love viable information.

We’ve got work to do,


p.s. – In case you haven’t heard… “Light Up The Night.”
***This is a whole song from Act II, so don’t listen if you don’t like hearing things.