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Vision Quest

-Willow Juan-
Recently, we’ve noticed a lack of fancy* super live action video of us in the world. This brings the sadness down upon us like a sack of rusty anvils. Because of the high volume of our sadness, we thought it wise to ask our friends at Version Industries to “make with the fancy” at a recent show in NY. It’s been a little while, since the show, and they’ve been hard at work. Now, you ask, were their fanciful attempts successful, or were their hard boiled labor efforts in vain? Were their countless hours in the proverbial fields fruitless, or did they effortlessly reap the bountiful/fancy harvest? Yes. Just like Reba, they made with The Fancy. Be proud of them. They are helping to take that sadness away.
We now present to you:

With that out of the way, it’s on to business…

For those of you don’t have your ear to the ground or nose to the grindstone or chin to the cobblestone or back to the …forget it. For those of you who don’t know, let it be known that we’ve been entered into a competition of power by the boys of Ernie Ball. This competition is to play at a festival known all too well across this United America. This festival is known as Warped Tour. Before you cough obscenities, know that this is a challenge, and we must be victorious. I can think of no other population on earth that is in more dire need of hearing good music. That being said, help us bring the Light.
In order to help, follow these steps:
•STEP 1. Head to Ernie Ball’s Warped Tour Battle of the Bands site and register an account.
•STEP 2. Once registered, head to our account HQ to vote for us and rate our songs/band once daily.
•STEP 3. This is a community effort, get your friends and family to help…get people you don’t know to help too..make new friends…it’s FUN!
•STEP 4. You and your new friends then visit your profiles daily to vote for your favorite robot band, besides Daft Punk.
The top 20 voted bands will have a shot to play the show date, so your votes are everything. Remember, it’s a daily thing so hit it often and rally your friends. It’s time to see what we’re all made of. Make the magic happen.

If you happen to be on iLike.com**…..imagine that, we are too! Find us. “Like us”….or else.

We finally updated the Photos section of the website. Go there. Seek, and ye shall find. More to come soon.

If you’re already signed up on our mailing list, but haven’t gotten anything from us recently, we ask that you follow these two steps:
•STEP 1. Check your junk folders for our previous messages.
•STEP 2. If you find nothing in your junk folder, add communications@protomen.com to your safe list within your email account. Hopefully, that will allow future communications to reach you.

Soon, we will have a resource page available to those of you involved. It will be a page with all the tools you will need to survive***.

For those of you who don’t know, Scartoe is currently on a world-spanning Vision Quest. He’s searching out his deepest meaning. He’s discovering things within himself that he never thought possible. He’s becoming a man of mans. That being said, we are grounded from flight, for the time being. In this time, we’re recording our hearts out. Making jams that you’ve never imagined. Much is being done within the walls of Thundercon. Much left to be done. However, he is going to be back from his Vision Quest in the early parts of July. It is then, that we shall prepare for war.

I ain’t got time to bleed.



*High Quality
**Don’t worry, it’s not an online dating site.
***Except for crossbows. Our lawyers won’t let us hand out crossbows.