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Release The Hounds…

Good Lord.
Never in our collective robot-rock-opera-performing-lives have we been so destroyed by the raw power of an audience as we were Sabado noche. Each member of the Protomen awoke the next morning saying the same thing…(in the same bed – as the Thundercon has lost all shred of heat and has forced us to go to disturbing lengths to keep warm), “I (we)… feel like I (we)… was (were)… hit by a bus (bus)…a bus driven by fury and hellfire…a bus fueled by synth-destroying screams and raised fists…a bus driven by the nerd-devil himself straight into the gates of the extremely well-lit stage of hell.

It felt good.

It felt right.

Act 2 will be good. We can feel it in our bones. Last night’s show gave us back the fire that the cold heart of the Thundercon had threatened to put out. For that, We thank you.

For those of you still pondering the best way to cram your fancy new 7 inch into your compact disc player (or for you really old school hipsters…your tape deck) The best we can offer is the digital version of both “Father of Death” and Robert Tepper’s immortal classic “No Easy Way Out”.
The code enclosed in your very own copy of the Father Of Death single can be used to obtain such an intangible treasure. But beware, it can be used only once.
Keep it secret.
Keep it safe.

Those of you who missed out on the fury of last Saturday’s battle, keep hope. All is not lost. We managed to fend off the mob long enough to escape with one or two of the coveted Father of Death singles.

They will be at the following location starting the 10th of November at a minute past noon (12:01pm). Get them while they last, kiddies. There won’t be anymore.**


While you’re there, grab a limited edition “Father Of Death” Wanted Poster…if you don’t, we’ll hunt you down.

-end transmission-


** We know the 10th of November was yesterday. We just wanted to rub it in that the Mailing List people got first shot at the new record/Sound Machine Store. If we had shelves…they would be flying off of them right now.