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September’s End Update

Sorry for the big break between mailers. We’ve been super busy busting some serious ass in the studio since we got back from that last run of shows in support of the Light Up video. Speaking of which, I’d like to thank everybody that made it out and participated in the Q&As, those were ridiculously fun, awkward, and amazing. Thanks again.

After the extremely long wait, the A Night Of Queen records are here (currently shipping), and they’re ferociously rad. The embossed cover is suuuuuuper classy, and the three different record color styles look beautiful (black, clear, and black/clear split).

Watch the fancy promo video above to see what it’s all about.

And if you’re swayed by the immensely effervescent promotional artistry at work in the video (ok, I know it wasn’t really effervescent, but that’s the adjective that popped in my mind while I was typing this, and I do what I want.), go to the store and pick something up.

If you’ve ordered Light Up The Night stuff, you should have gotten an update email somewhat recently, but if you can’t find your copy, know that major progress has been made on the superrad vinyl. It ran into multiple production delays due to its awesomeness, but it’s firmly on track now and coming along quickly.

Not only that, but all of the special features are finally done for the Light Up The Night bluray, so those are hitting production very soon, as well. We’re hideously sorry for all of the delays, and we can’t wait to get those to you as soon as possible. If it’s any consolation, the behind the scenes video is even longer than the video itself!

That’s the end of the updates for now, but we’ve got lots more coming, so stay tuned to whatever you like to tune the most.

This has to be the first time I’ve ever ended a mailer without listing at least one show, right? Super weird.


p.s… Can’t break the streak! I guess it’s a streak? Maybe it isn’t… I didn’t really check.  Either way, I’m gonna go ahead and list a few tours you should go check out:

  • Dennis DeYoung has a show in Manitowoc, WI tonight, and then a bevy of shows the rest of the year, so you should go on out and support the mess out of him and his crew.
  • Our new French friend, Pertubator, is on tour right now in the US, and you should go check him out if he comes near you. He played Nashville with Makeup And Vanity Set (who has some new albums, by the way) on Tuesday and it was a great night filled with joy, fun, happiness, and synth jam pentagrams. It did, however, lack Daft Punk.
  • Phil Collins has some shows in the UK in November and December, so you should probably go check that out if you live over there.
  • Local friends, Birdcloud and Thelma And The Sleaze, are both on tour right now (separately), so we implore you to go check them out (beware Birdcloud’s website if you’re terrified of butts).