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Operation: Better Late Than Never.

It has been a along time since last we spoke….for that, I am sorry. There are some things in this world that cannot be helped…like The Death Flu Sick. Our 3 day mini tour to KY, OH, and MI took it’s toll on us. We have also been obscenely busy lately recording and writing. Would you rather us write on the internet …or write on the songs?? Make the right decision. Don’t blow this for yourself.

When last we contacted you, we were preparing for a vicious show with Wax Fang and Velcro Stars on January 12th. It happened..and it was amazing. A strong “thank you” goes out to all who were there…and an even stronger “sorry for your loss” goes out to all who weren’t. All is not lost, however… there seems to be rumblings of a Round 2.

Since our Jan. 12th show, we have been many places(and by “many,” I mean 3), and seen many things(and by “many,” I mean we saw some stuff). One of said things was the basement of a bowling alley in Louisville, KY on Feb 8th. We played with a band known only as Ultra Pulverize…and that names suits them all too well. That night, we slept with the dead. In a mortuary. With dead people. We’re super tough. Supposedly there weren’t really any dead people there at the time, but I like to think there were…and that they came back to life and ate Scartoe as he slept quietly on the stairs….like a little lamb.
The second night was spent in Akron, OH, and “OH” what a night of nerdiological debauchery, it was. A&G Ohio. There were wizards and warriors a plenty, there were ravers and weirdos galore…you want Pokemons?…there were too many…but who cares. no big deal. we’re still poor(Demon Barber’s got one hell of a fountain Pepsi habit)……….we also ate vicious Italian at a place called Mr. G’s Pizzeria(go there, if you want to live). It was ferocious. Once again, Ohio was overly entertaining.
Anyway, day 3 was spent in Detroit where our mustaches froze upon getting out of the bus. Intense cold. Although the outside temperature was in the negatives…it was a temperate 74ยบ inside the bar. Marvels of modern technology. Space technology. Future Computers. Half frozen and half warm, we played a show to a fierce crowd of also half frozen and half warm Robocop lovers. They have to love him…he’s hometown. After the show, we jumped back on the bus and froze our asses off for 9 hours of intense driving fury. Feet were nearly frostbitten…hypothermia nearly took our dear sweet Murphy, for he’s a fragile one. This cold took it’s toll on us all. The Death Flu Sick jumped on us like a happy dog at a picnic. Gross. Even now, we’re still feeling the aftershocks. Not of the dog…but of the Detroit Sickness. It’s a little less gross than the dog thing.
So, that pretty much wraps up Operation: Drive to Kentucky to Play a Show, then Drive to Ohio to Play Another Show, and then Drive to Detroit to Freeze to Death(sorry, I’m not a very efficient operation namer).

The future holds much for us. What Murphy was trying to say in his cryptic/confusing bulletins on the myspace was that we are coming for you Chicago. Two nights of lusty bliss:

Thursday——-March 27th———- Chicago—————Empty Bottle – supporting Howlin’ Rain
Friday———-March 28th———- Chicago—————-Ronny’s – w/ Kid Static
Saturday——-March 29th———- Springfield, IL—-Black Sheep

Springfield..you’ll get yours, as well..

After that, we come home and begin recording….viciously. Songs. Music. America.

That’s all I’m telling you, for now….because this message is too long.

More, soon…very soon.