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We Made It… This Far.


photo by: Derek Pearson

So we survived Vans Warped Tour 2014. We’ve been home for a about two weeks now, and we’ve had some time to readjust to non-Warped Tour life. It was a hell of a trip, but we’re glad to be home. And it’s about time we get back in the studio and finish up that covers record for good. A big thanks to everyone that came out and supported us at Warped.

Speaking of the covers record. I know a lot of you that didn’t make it to Warped Tour were hoping to get your hands on that Cover Up EP/Lanyard, as well as the Victory World Tour shirt and poster. Well, I’ve got good news… since we had to restock mid-tour, we ended up with a little bit of everything left over. So if you want something, get it quick… you know how this goes. No whining later when it’s all gone.

Sound Machine Store


While we were out there on the Vans Warped Tour Presented By Journeys, Beebs, from Beebs And Her Moneymakers, was gracious enough to let me ride one of her electric skateboards on several auspicious occasions. And I’m here to tell you, that was the most fun I had on all of Warped Tour. And I’m not saying that Warped wasn’t fun… it was shit loads of fun. It’s just that riding an electric skateboard was just that much more fun than anything else. If you don’t believe me… smell my breath…. or just watch this short video of me riding the future (at least until hoverboards get invented):

If you’re interested, you should go check out Fiik Electric Skateboards… and tell ’em Large Marge sent ya (and by Large Marge, I mean The Protomen).

On October 11th we’ll be driving down to Dallas, TX to play with Andrew W.K. (his whole band this time!) and a whole slew of other friends (Bit Brigade, Urizen, Mega Ran, Professor Shyguy, and more) at The Door. I know you’re a connoisseur of fierce parties, so I expect to see you at the show.

And in case you haven’t seen on the facebook or twitter, our dearest rock-god friends, Tenacious D, asked us to play their super bad ass LA festival, Festival Supreme, in October! Go to that link and check out that lineup (or click on the poster below). I can’t even list all the bad ass people that will be at this fest… well, I could, but I would be listing the entire lineup, and you could just click the damned link or look at the damned poster already, you lazy bastard/bastardess!


And all of the Festival Supreme artwork was done by one of our old friends from Pop Noir, Luke McGarry!

We have a few other awesome shows on the way out to West coast in October and we’re ending on Halloween night in Minneapolis. If you’re the ticket getting type, you should grab the ones you need below, before they’re all gone.

11th – Dallas, TX – The Door (with Andrew W.K.) *
12th – Oklahoma City, OK – The Conservatory *
20th – Jefferson, LA – Southport Hall *
21st – Austin, TX – Holy Mountain *
23rd – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock *
24th – San Diego, CA – The Merrow *
25th – Lost Angeles, CA – FESTIVAL SUPREME
26th – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s *
28th – Seattle, WA – El Corazon *
31st – Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock Social Club (Halloween Explosion 2000)

* shows with URIZEN.

See you in October,