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Act II Viny/Pop-up Book and Blu-Ray Action

They’re finally here!!!!!! The Act II Vinyl/Popup Book and Light Up The Night Blu-Ray are currently shipping across the universe. We’re extremely sorry it’s taken so long to get these two out the door. We’ve never done a pop-up book or a Blu-ray before, so the learning curve/s and hangups were intense. Either way, they’re finally ready to go and we hope you’ll think they were worth the wait. We think they’re both pretty rad!

And if you haven’t grabbed them yet, don’t sit on it too long. We didn’t make a huge surplus, so they’ll probably be gone before you know it (and we’ve still got the suuuuper exciting combo packs on the Soundmachine Store).

As for other news? We’re just doing a whole lot of studioing. You know… making the goods (i.e. biscuits, donuts, bread, Act III, etc).

Don’t expect any shows this year because we’ve got a record to finish, but you should probably keep your eyes and ears peeled, just in case. As usual, watch your inboxes for these mailers and then all the things like InstagramFacebookTwitter, and the News page for any and all updates of any and all kinds.

That being said, we just got word from the boys and girls on the board that we’ve gotta up our Instagram numbers or we’re out on the street. So, get to following us and we swear we’ll try to post more interesting things on there to make you and our overly needy board-members happy.

I don’t really have a good salutation to go here, so…. Happy Tuesday?