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Super Awesome Tour Part III: Fievel Goes West.

Around The America!…and yes, that includes a tiny bit of Canada.

Round 3(and possibly the last round of the year?) has just begun, and it’s starting to look good. We have a bevy of fierce shows coming up and it would behove you to not miss any of them (follow us around the American countryside. MadDog did it…so can you!).

Several shows have been added recently: Birmingham(AL), Hattiesburg(MS), Ft. Worth(TX), LA(CA), Portland(OR), and Vancouver(BC). Some of them have advance tickets, some of them don’t. What you want me to do about it?

Here are the some with the advance tickets:

8/14th – Baltimore, MD – Sonar – Bit Gen Fest 5 (128 Bit Genocide)
8/15th – Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory •ALL AGES•
9/02nd – Portland, OR – Mt. Tabor Lounge

13th – Richmond, VA – Plaza Bowl •ALL AGES•
14th – Baltimore, MD – Sonar – Bit Gen Fest 5 (128 Bit Genocide)
15th – Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory •ALL AGES•
19th – Birmingham, AL – Bottletree
22nd – Hattiesburg, MS – The Tavern •••+18•••
23rd – Houston, TX – Super Happy Fun Land
24th – Ft. Worth, TX – The Bandwagon
27th – Phoenix, AZ – Trunkspace
29th – San Diego, CA – Riley’s Music Lounge
30th – Hollywood, CA – CIA ••••••Act I
31st – Hollywood, CA – CIA ••••••Act II

02nd – Portland, OR – Mt. Tabor Lounge
03rd – Seattle, WA – PAX – (We play this day.)
04th – Seattle, WA – PAX – (Hanging out.)
05th – Seattle, WA – PAX – (Hanging out.)
07th – Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret

*One big note to the Portlanders of the world. That show is at a super small venue. There were only 88 tickets available, as of a week ago. I’m no mathmagician, but I’d assume they won’t last long.

This weekend is a big one. We’re headed up the east coast with a die hard vengeance. MAKEUP AND VANITY SET is playing with us all three nights! Things don’t get much more fancy than that. Three nights of fury:
-TONIGHT, we’re in Richmond, VA. As always, we expect it to be fierce as hell. Richmond never lets us down.
-TOMORROW, we’re in Baltimore, the unofficial second home of The Protomen…and final resting ground of Douglas A. Fetterman. Bit Gen always brings the thunder.
-SUNDAY, we travel back to the fancy land of New York City America, where the streets are paved with cheese. Our last NY show at Santos was absolutely incredible. Sunday, at Knitting Factory, will prove to be even more absolutely incredible. Don’t miss out, THERE ARE ONLY A FEW TICKETS LEFT!

I’m in a bouncy bus right now, so it’s sort of hard to write complete sentences without my fingers bouncing around the keyboard…. so I’ll leave you now.

But remember. In America, there are no…..CATS!