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Trick Or Treat.

So, as I sit here binging on Halloween movies (on Halloween III right now), it occurred to me that I should send out a quick mailer to get you up to date with what’s happening. So, here’s what’s happening…

As of Tuesday, the MM25: Mega Man Rocks album (featuring our brand new super hit jam, “Built To Last”) is now available from the following places: iTunes, Amazon, and Sumthing Music Works (as well as other digital outlets). You’d best buy the shit out of it before the internet runs out! Who knows… it could happen?


William Shakespeare Presents: Terminator The Second (Original Soundtrack)

1. Overture
2. FutureWar (Prologue)
3. Main Title (Terminator The Second Theme)
4. T800 Cometh
5. Guitars, Cadillacs
6. T1000 Also Cometh
7. Keep Quiet (John’s Garage Mix)
8. Ride To Pescadero
9. The Chase (Part I)
10. Checking Out
11. The Long Night
12. The Road To Mexico
13. No Fate
14. But What We Make
15. The Nightmare
16. Cyberdyne Is Besieged
17. The Chase (Part II)
18. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
19. Epilogue
20. Overture (Reprise)
21. Light Up The Night

ON NOVEMBER 1, 2013 at 2:14 a.m. EST, http://terminatorthesecond.com/store BECOMES SELF AWARE. That’s tonight after your trick-or-treatings!!!! Go there to download the super amazing movie of William Shakespeare Presents: Terminator the Second, as well as the accompanying super amazing soundtrack from The Protomen and 84001. You can also grab (pre-order) a movie poster and shirt, if you like being awesome.

Click me to watch the trailer right now!

Also on November 1st (tomorrow night), we will be celebrating the release at Mercy Lounge with a screening of the movie, followed by a Protomen show. We’re gonna play some jams that we’ll probably never play live again, so you’d better get your ass to mars (wrong Arnold movie reference, but I do what I want)!

Get info and let us know if you plan on going here on the Facebook.

01st – Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge (Terminator: The Second release show)

Once more unto the breach,




This is day 5 of our last tour of 2013, so I’m gonna try to keep this as short as possible.

Last mailer I told you to keep your eye on the Terminator: The Second website for “something” to be announced soon. Well, that “something” is here. Husky Jackal dropped a trailer (watch it here) and release date for the “home video” version of the most amazing play (now movie) you’ll ever see. (*Spoiler Alert* We’re the swat team that shoots up Miles Dyson at the end! *Spoilers End*) HJ spent long hard hours editing together the footage from the 4 night explosion-of-awesome that happened in late 2011. And we spent long hard hours putting together the soundtrack album for you to listen to with your ears.  To those of you who saw the play live, be proud of yourself. To those of you who didn’t… well, you blew it… but don’t get too down on yourself, your time to make amends is almost at hand! On November 1st, you’ll be able to go to terminatorthesecond.com and buy a digital copy of the movie, along with our score/soundtrack album. It’s a pretty compelling package, if I do say so myself… and I do say so myself.

For those of you who want to see a special early showing of the movie (in a movie theater, no less), make your way to the Belcourt Theater in Nashville on Oct. 22nd.  And for those of you who want to get extra froggy and celebrate the release by watching the movie right before we play a super awesome rock show, make your way to Mercy Lounge on Nov. 1st. I’d recommend doing both for maximum excitement.

Speaking of Terminator: The Second (and mailing lists)… if you want to be kept up to date with all things Terminator: The Second, please sign up on their mailing list… HERE!

Capcom announced the release date for the MM25: Mega Man Rocks album last week, and it looks like it’s coming out soon as shit! The album will be available on October 29th from iTunes, Amazon, and several other digital stores. Our new jam, “Built To Last,” is making it’s debut there, so everybody better blast it at all your Halloween parties! Also on that album is a shiny new mix of Will Of One, and the 2012 updated version of Breaking Out that was previously only available on the now super-sold-out Drove All Night cassette single (or cassingle, for you youngsters).

As I said earlier, we’re already a few days deep into this short tour, and it’s going great so far, but we only have a few shows left, so we’ve gotta make ’em count dracula. Nerdapalooza still looms ahead, but in the mean time, we have a few shows (2 of them with our friends Bit Brigade) before we get there, and one after… so don’t miss them, because we’ll be going into extended tourbernation soon.

14th – Durham, NC – Motorco   *ALL AGES*
15th – Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern   *ALL AGES*
16th – Savannah, GA – The Wormhole   *21+*
18th – Gainesville, FL – High Dive   *ALL AGES*
19th – Orlando, FL – Nerdapalooza   *ALL AGES*
21st – Atlanta, GA – Vinyl   *ALL AGES*

01st – Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge (Terminator: The Second release show)   *18+*

Come with me… if you hold your life at any price,