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July, July!

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone that was able to make it to our show with Andrew W.K. in Covington a few weeks ago.  And also a big thanks to Andrew W.K. for having us. It couldn’t have been more fun. Well, ok. It could have been more fun. There was no slip n’ slide. Even still, it was just about as fun as it could have been without a slip n’ slide, so I’d say it was a mostly successful party time.

So in early July we’ll be driving our way West to hop on a plane in LA that goes to the fancy upside down world of Australia, AU. It looks like we’ll be playing some rock and roll shows on our way out there, so get your asses ready Southwest. Since we’re on a mission to get to Aus, we only have a handful of US shows to announce, but we may have a few more pop up on the way there and back (keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Tour pages). With that being said… do all you LA people remember that last Roxy show? It was absolutely nutballs. Well, get ready, because here comes round 2. You seriously don’t want to miss this one. Joining us that night will be Daikaiju and Sugarplum. We’ll also be making our way back to the lovely hot land of Phoenix (joined by our good friends, The Minibosses and Mega Ran) and the glorious whale’s vagina, San Diego (joined by our good enemies, The Megas, as well as our new friends, Daikaiju). And just added a couple of days ago is the always luxurious Austin, TX (joined by our Texan brothers, Urizen) at the even more luxurious Red 7. If you live in the affected areas (or know someone there), start spreading the news!

As most of you already know, PAX Australia has been sold out for quite a while now. And I know most of you have shorted out your computers with all your cry baby tears falling into your keyboards. Well, you can now stop crying all over your valuable electronics. I’ve got good news. Now that we’ve finally got them booked, we can officially announce that we have a couple other shows in Melbourne right after PAX. We’re playing Act I on the 23rd and Act II on the 24th at Evelyn Hotel (along with some other tough jams). Not only that, but we’ll be making our way up the coast to Sydney so we can play a couple (or few) shows there before jumping on a plane to head back to the States.  The Sydney shows won’t be Act I and Act II, but don’t fret… every show we play in Australia will have drastically different set list, so do your best to make it to all of them, because you won’t see the same thing twice (also, who knows if we’ll ever be allowed to come back??!)!

And to celebrate our first trip down there, we decided to put together the most appropriate T-shirt design we could think of (that’s one bad ass kangaroo).

WintersummerCampAus - WHITE

WintersummerCampAus - BLACK

This limited run of Protomen Australian Summer Camp ringer T-shirts is being printed only in Australia. If there are any left over when it’s time to head back to the US, we’ll drop them off at our new Australian online store for worldwide sale (we’ll also have Australia specific versions of some of our other existing designs, as well… more on that later). Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “… but, Commander B. Hawkins, it’s Winter in Australia right now. You can’t have Summer Camp in the winter.” Shut your mouth. I don’t want to hear any of your backtalk. We say when it’s summer camp time. And when we go to Australia, it’s gonna be summer camp time. Deal with it. We’ll just call it the the WinterSummer Camp Tour 2013.

Also, we’re extremely happy to announce that we’ll be joined by our good friend MC Frontalot on every one of our Australian shows! Tell everyone you’ve ever known… and then tell all the strangers you’ve never known. We’ll need all the support you can muster.

09th – Austin, TX – Red 7  *ALL AGES*
11th – Phoenix, AZ – Pub Rock  *ALL AGES*
12th – San Diego, CA – Soma  *ALL AGES*
13th – Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy  *ALL AGES*
19th – Melbourne, AUS – PAX Aus (no show/hanging out)
20th – Melbourne, AUS – PAX Aus (show day)
21st – Melbourne, AUS – PAX Aus (no show/hanging out)
23rd – Melbourne, AU – Evelyn Hotel (Act I)  *+18*
24th – Melbourne, AU – Evelyn Hotel (Act II)  *+18*
27th – Sydney, AU – The Standard   *+18*
28th – Sydney, AU – Annandale Hotel  *+18*

We’re gonna meet John Farnham, Olivia Newton John, Icehouse, and AC/DC!!! (not really)