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Never Let Down.

So, we’re about a week into this tour and it’s been some kind of good. Birmingham was great, SXSW was fun, and Knoxville was fancy, but I’m not writing this mailer just to tell you how much fun we’ve already had. I’m writing this mailer to tell you how much more fun we’re GOING to have. On top of the already great lineup of shows we have coming up, a few new shows have been confirmed since the last mailer and it’s time to tell you about them. *Note – If you’re sad that we’re not playing your town, believe me, we’ve shed just as many cry baby tears. But remember that the only way for us to someday get to your town is by playing shows in other towns.

Don’t forget that we’re playing at Andrew W.K.s Santos Party House tomorrow night. It’s seriously one of the most fun venues that we play, so don’t miss out. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, get on it. They may be gone by tomorrow. And I know this one doesn’t count as a newly announced show, but you’ll soon see that it works as an acceptable segue, so deal with it.

Speaking of Andrew W.K…. (see that segue?? like butter.)
We’re opening for him in Covington, KY (Cincinnati-ish) on May 26th! We’ve been wanting to play with him since we started this band. And I’m not talking about playing kickball or something (we already did that with him in 2004… while blasting a newly mixed “Hope Rides Alone” over a big PA system. Looking back, it seems really strange, but I’d like to think it made us all better people). I’m talking about playing a fancy show with him, and it looks like it’s about to happen. And if you get tickets right now, you can save a couple dollars by entering the following code on the ticket page: theprotomen

That code is only going to work for a very limited time, so get on it quick and spread the word!

26th – Covington, KY – Madison Theater (with Andrew W.K.) **ALL AGES

On April 27th, 2003, we were balls deep in the studio writing, recording, mixing, and then releasing a little ditty called “Fade To Phil.” That little ditty turned out to be “Due Vendetta.” It’s been ten long years since that fateful Dodge’s Chicken filled night when we inadvertently started this band, and we thought we’d advertently celebrate those ten years on April 27th at Mercy Lounge in Nashville. Tickets aren’t available yet, but keep your schedule clear for that day. It’s going to be one hell of a thing. I’ll probably let you know on this mailer machine, but just in case, pay some attention to our Facebook and Twitter situations.

27th – Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge (Ten Years Of Fury)

Another show that’s appeared since the last mailer is the PAX After Party with MC Frontalot, Bright Primate, and The World Is Square. The one last year was amazing, and this one looks like it’s going to be even better. Live it.

Here’s the full list of shows. Get tickets before they’re gone.

20th – New York, NY – Santos Party House
22nd – Boston, MA – PAX East (show day)
23rd – Boston, MA – PAX East (hanging out)
24th – Boston, MA – Middle East (PAX Afterparty)
26th – Danbury, CT – Heirloom Arts
27th – Teaneck, NJ – Mexicali Live
29th – West Chester, PA – The Note
30th – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar *All Ages
31st – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Tavern

02nd – Toronto, ON – The Hoxton
03rd – Ann Arbor, MI – Blind Pig
04th – Grand Rapids, MI – The Pyramid Scheme
05th – Indianapolis, IN – Old National Centre
07th – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
09th – Dekalb, IL – The House Café
10th – Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon
11th – Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry *18+
12th – Eau Claire, WI – No Brand Con (show day)
13th – Eau Claire, WI – No Brand Con (Q&A day)
14th – St. Louis, MO – 2720 Cherokee
27th – Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge (Ten Years Of Fury)

26th – Covington, KY – Madison Theater (with Andrew W.K.) **ALL AGES

19th – Melbourne, AUS – PAX Aus (show date TBD)
20th – Melbourne, AUS – PAX Aus (show date TBD)
21st – Melbourne, AUS – PAX Aus (show date TBD)

See you soon,