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Come on, Chicago, dry those tears… You didn’t think we’d abandon you for ALL of 2011, did you? (to be honest, we thought we were going to.) We’re heading your way next month to play our final show of the year. How exciting is that?! I guess you could say we saved the best for last? Don’t tell all the other cities I said that, or it’ll send the entire United States into a jealous rage which will result in a not-so-civil civil war.

On December 17th, we’ll be joining our new friends, I Fight Dragons, in Chicago for their album release show at The Metro. (Nice bit of trivia – their new album “KABOOM!” was produced by Murfreesboro’s own Matt Mahaffey.) This fancy show is going to be a nice end cap to our recent super awesome tour together.

Speaking of our recent super awesome tour together, it was an incredible time. If you came out to party with us and the dragon fighters, we’d like to thank the shit out of you for bringing plenty of thunder with you. On the other hand, I’d like to personally not thank whoever thought it was a good idea to bring ticks to the party, because it turns out that Panther played nearly all of this last tour with a fierce case of the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Ticks and parties don’t mix, people. How many times do we have to tell you? As for the rest of you non tick-bringers, it was a blast, and hope to see you again soon… perhaps in Chicago??

If you’re planning on coming, you should get your tickets immediately. And when I say, “get your tickets immediately,” I mean all four of those words. Don’t get all pissy britches when it’s the day of the show and you can’t get in, because you forgot to buy pre-sale tickets. In fact, start spreading the word to everyone you know about getting these tickets early. Like they always say, “the early bird makes the donuts.”

Don’t miss this show. It’s going to be the most ferocious.

17th – Chicago, IL – The Metro (w/ I Fight Dragons) <— or click that for tickets.

Also, if you’re at this Chicago show, you’ll be one of the first to be able to get your hands (or hand) on a new limited edition “WE KEEP YOU SAFE” t-shirt, handprinted by Sir Robert Bakker himself! CHECK IT. For those of you who can’t make it to the show, pre-order now to grab one before the holidays pass us by.

Being that today is CYBORG MONDAY…Monday…monday…monday… (that’s supposed to represent a sweet delay), there is going to be a storewide 20% discount on the SoundMachine Store. TO CLAIM YOUR DISCOUNT, enter code: ••••••••••
The discount will end tonight at 11:59pm.

(Join the MAILING LIST to get fancy info and offers like the Cyborg Monday sale above.)

So. What life lessons have we learned in this mailer? 1) Jealousy over Protomen’s love can easily ignite a civil war. 2) Our recent tour was super fun. 3) Never bring ticks to rock shows. 4) Never waste time not buying pre-sale tickets to our shows, or you’ll get all pissy britches. 5) Don’t get all pissy britches. 6) Those who are not on our Mailing List are missing out on the finer things in life.

From tonight until the end of time.



Armando Apache Putay has come back to Charles Park…

And this time he’s out for blood.

While you’re waiting on our Act III, here’s another III of the most considerable note. Makeup And Vanity Set returns with Charles Park III. This one’s so tough that it makes the Night Slasher in Cobra look like a pansy.

Right now you can download “Blood Oath” for free and it will sign you up on the Makeup And Vanity Set mailing list. Then you’ll be able to get all sorts of information and fancy little ditties directly from him. Get on it.

Just a heads up to everyone planning to go to our November shows that are starting today… Get your tickets immediately. These shows are selling out quicker than shit. The only show that doesn’t have advance tickets is Toronto. Come with the thunder.

04th – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Tavern —- 18+ (SOLD OUT)
05th – Lansing, MI – Mac’s Bar ALL AGES (SOLD OUT)
06th – Toronto, CANADA – Mitzi’s Sister —- ALL AGES (SOLD OUT)
07th – Cambridge, MA – Middle East (upstairs) —- 18+ (SOLD OUT)
09th – New York City, NY – Santos Party Haus —- 16+ (SOLD OUT)
10th – Philadelphia, PA – North Star Bar —-ALL AGES
11th – Durham, NC – Motorco —- ALL AGES
13th – Asheville, NC – Broadway’s —- 21+
14th – Atlanta, GA – Vinyl —- ALL AGES
15th – Orlando, FL – The Haven —- ALL AGES
16th – Gainesville, FL – Double Down —- 18+
17th – New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks —- 18+

That’s all for now. More things to announce soon. Keep your ears on.

I don’t deal with psychos… I put ’em away.