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We Finally Have A Show Booked!

For the first time in nearly two years, we’ve got a show lined up! 

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Exit/In is going all out. They’ve got 50 commemorative shows lined up between now and the end of the year, and they’ve got us set to end it all on New Years Eve. 

This is the longest we’ve ever gone without playing a show and I’m gonna tell you, it’s been super weird. However with that kind of break, we’ve had plenty of time to work on an album that some of you have been looking forward to. We’re not ready to pull the lid off them beans, but I’ll tell you them beans are lookin good… or sounding good? Do beans make sounds? I’ve lost the metaphor here. Either way, here’s some info for the show and how to snag tickets and limited VIP action:

The Protomen (that’s us!)
Makeup and Vanity Set
Hans Condor

A limit of 50 VIP tickets are currently on sale here (*EDIT* VIP IS SOLD OUT). Use this password at checkout –> PROTO50

the perks include:
-Pre-show Meet and Greet with The Protomen
-Early entry to the show
-Limited edition merch item made exclusively for this illustrious occasion

The PreSale for regular entry tickets are NOW AVAILABLE. You gotta use this password for these presale tickets, though –> EXITIN50 

And then, if any are left over, the rest of the regular entry tickets will go on sale Friday the 16th at 10am (CST). —-> TICKET LINK

Do you live in the US America and want a copy of the red Cover Up vinyl, but hate the internet and the convenience of having things shipped to your door? No problem! Go down to your local record shop and pick one up today! Might want to call first, though. If they don’t have it, first take a few moments to curse the sky, and then politely ask them to order it through URP Distro. They’ll be so caught off guard by your sky cursing that they’ll mostly agree to anything. Also, might as well pick up a couple more albums while you’re there. Record stores and artists could use all the support you can muster.

We’ve got some more announcements coming in a week or two, so keep an ear on your nose.