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Super Awesome 2010 Tour – Part II

It’s time, people. We’re about to hit the road again and this time we’ve got some company. Super 8 Bit Brothers, as well as The Adventures of Duane and Brando, have agreed to join our side for quite a few of the upcoming shows. HOW EXCITING!? It’s going to be the super jam. You Chicagonites should remember Super 8 Bit Brothers from our last trip there. It was super fun..and hot…and sort of smelly. Some of you won’t remember it, because you didn’t pre-order your tickets in time. Don’t let it happen again.

This tour is hitting some places we’ve never been to…and some places we’ve not been to in a long time (no, West Coast…don’t get your hopes up). This will be our first tour with other bands, so don’t miss this exciting new time! Seriously. You should all come to every show. Follow us around the Scenic American Countryside!

Here are the shows with Advance Tickets (get them while you can):

07/10 – San Antonio, TX
07/12 – Dallas, TX – The Prophet Bar
07/14 – New Orleans, LA
07/26 – Louisville, KY
07/28 – Chicago, IL
08/14 – Baltimore, MD

Also, I’m going to stop lying to you about the Tour Talks. I do have some written, but staying up with it for every show is nearly impossible while on the road. I’ll do them when I can, but don’t cry and call the cops when I don’t post them as regularly as I should. If you do, I’ll punch you square in the mouth.

Here’s all the Tour info we have so far:
NOTE – Shows with Super 8 Bit Brothers and Duane and Brando end with a *

10th – San Antonio, TX – San-Japan
11th – Austin, TX – Game Over Video Games *
12th – Dallas, TX – Prophet Bar *
13th – Houston, TX – Super Happy Fun Land *
14th – New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks *
16th – Gainsville, FL – 1982 *
17th – Orlando, FL – Nerdapaloza (Playing a Show this Day)
18th – Orlando, FL – Nerdapaloza (Hanging Out this Day)
19th – Jacksonville, FL – Jack Rabbits *
20th – Savannah, GA – The Wormhole *
21st – Columbia, SC – The 5 Points House *
22nd – Atlanta, GA – Star Bar
23rd – Chattanooga, TN – The Warehouse *
26th – Louisville, KY- Vernon Lanes *
28th – Chicago, IL – Subterranean ••17+ *
29th – Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
31st – Springfield, MO – The High Life

06th – Nashville, TN – 12th and Porter
14th – Baltimore, MD – Sonar – Bit Gen Fest 5 (128 Bit Genocide)

Many more dates are on the way. I’ll post them on the Tour Page as they come in. Keep your eye peeled.

Also, several new shirts are on the way. They look super fancy. We’ll show you when they’re ready to come out of the oven. In the mean time, make sure you have at least 17 Keep Quiet shirts…. You never know when you’ll need a spare…or 16 spares.

See you soon,