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This May.

If you’re into Comic Con, and you live anywhere near Colorado, and you like The Protomen and MC Lars, you need to get your ass to the Denver Comic Con Opening Ceremony, because we’re playing the shit out of it. And we’re pretty sure Christopher Lloyd is gonna join us on stage and play some sweet synth solos (not really), and Sean Astin is gonna give a TED-type talk in the middle of our show about how and why Toy Soldiers is one of the greatest movies ever made (again, not really… or will he?).

We have a 21+ show in Kansas City on the way home, and the following weekend we head down to MomoCon in Atlanta for more Sean Astin shenanigans (not really).

22nd – Denver, CO – Denver Comic Con (Opening Ceremonies) *SHOW DAY*
23rd – Denver, CO – Denver Comic Con *HANGOUT DAY*
24th – Kansas City, MO – Riot Room (21+)
30th – Atlanta, GA – MomoCon

In case you haven’t looked at Protomen.com recently, or checked out the Cover Up Store (look at all those combos!), we unleashed a sweet shirt and rad movie poster for The Cover Up. You could impress prospective employers by wearing the Cover Up shirt to job interviews, and the poster (that comes in two sizes, and has a Signed option) would look great as wallpaper around your fancy mansion or summer home in the Hamptons! One might say you could “Cover Up” your walls with style…

cover up_shirtandposters_sm

*Already have the album, and you just want the poster now? Head over to the Sound Machine Store.*

The Cover Up vinyls are in the final pressing steps now and should be shipping soon. We promise! We are extremely sorry for the delay. The vinyl factories are a bit overwhelmed, because it looks like everyone’s starting to realize how awesome records are again. Either way, there aren’t many of them left that aren’t spoken for, so pre-order yours while you can, if you haven’t already. We’ll announce on twitter and facebook the moment they start shipping.

Makeup and Vanity Set has done it again. His new record is ridiculously amazing, and includes several cameos by the likes of our very own Panther, and friends like Big Black Delta and Jasmin Kaset. And if you buy the vinyl, it also comes with a short film by Joey Ciccoline (of 88:88 fame). Caspar and Version Industries did all the design, and they killed it. The first run is already sold out, and the second run will also go quickly, so jump on it before they’re all gone.


You know how you people ask us for Act III all day every day (and yes… we get it… it’s been about 5 and a half years since Act II)? Well, we’ve been asking George Miller for a new Mad Max for like 30 years, so quit your whining! Everyone gets their wishes eventually (unless that wish is for us to write about Mega Man X). But seriously. We sure hope it doesn’t suck. I wish Mel was in it, but Tom Hardy rules, so there’s a chance. May 15th… do your duty.

And keep your nose to the ground, and your ear to the grindstone. We’ve got some serious shit coming your way this summer. More on that when the time is right. It’s not quite right right now, so I’m done hinting around it right now. And it’s not what you think, but it’s not far off…