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Let’s Have A Black Celebration.

This mailer is simply about Black Friday through Cyborg Monday deals. If you hate deals, delete this email as fast as you can. Don’t even look back. There’s nothing for you here.

On the other hand, if you love deals (or at the very least think they’re acceptable)… keep on reading.


Starting today and running until Monday night at 11:59pm, we will be discounting everything in the Sound Machine Store by 20%. All you have to do you enter the following code at checkout: FEELTHEHEAT

Better yet, if your items total more than $50, you can enter this code instead for an extra 5% (so that’s 25% total): HIGHFIVE

And just in time for the festivities (and ridiculous cold), we have a brand new hoodie for you to put on your body. Look how warm it looks…



Also, just for a quick progress update, we’ve been super ass deep in the studio finishing up the covers record, so hold on to your butts, because it’s not gonna suck! And thank you for your patience.

More info soon… but not tonight.