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Things Are Happening.

So, we’re home from the No Survivors Tour 2012 and Tenacious D Vancouver show, and I’m here to tell you that it was the most. We had a blast playing with Powerglove and Danimal Cannon. We especially enjoyed having Danimal in the bus with us for 6 days. We’ve never had more fun watching someone sleep (in the creepiest way possible… don’t tell him our secret). The tour may have been short, but we all know it’s really about the motion in the ocean… right?

Our Vancouver show with Tenacious D was absolutely amazing. We can’t thank those guys enough for asking us to play that show. They were nicer than you can really imagine, and they played like demons. They are absolutely ridiculous live, and we urge you to catch their show when it comes around you. To get you warmed up, you should grab their new Rize Of The Fenix album (just don’t give it to 7 year olds). But most importantly, a huge thank you to all of our people who came out and represented for us (you know who you are). You brought thunder with you, and in turn, you made the show for us. Thank you.

AAANNND… if it wasn’t awesome enough to play with them once, Tenacious D has asked us to play with them again! This time on the other side of Canada. East coast, this is your chance to come party with us and the D in Toronto. The show is at Echo Beach Amphitheater on July 05th. Judging by the last one we did with them, you really don’t want to miss this.

And for those of you who were hit by the recent 3 show cancelation tornado (due to our cross country Tenacious D trip), know that we’re doing everything in our power to get those shows rescheduled following the new Tenacious D Toronto show. So far, we’ve had some luck. Pittsburgh and Cleveland are confirmed for July 07th and 9th (respectively).

05th – Toronto, ON – Echo Beach (with Tenacious D… Again!)
07th – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar
09th – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom

*keep an eye on our Tour Page for additional shows. also keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter situations for more info.

The Protomen Present: A Night Of Queen
As of today, A Night Of Queen has been released to the digital world on iTunes and Amazon (as well as other online stores). If for some strange reason you don’t like touching physical things, we recommend you download the shit out of it (legally, of course).

As for the “Night Of Queen” release show on June 22nd, we’ve had a new addition (not to be confused with New Edition) to the show. Our friends The Non-Commissioned Officers are joining the show as Iggy Pop And The Stooges! So that means we’ll have The Protomen as Queen, The Remones as the Ramones, and The Non-Commissioned Officers as Iggy Pop and The Stooges… all in one night. Shit’s going to be crazy. If you haven’t gotten your tickets already, I’d suggest you get them soon. They’re about to start disappearing quickly. Don’t miss out.

22nd – Nashville, TN – Exit/In (A Night Of Queen Album Release)

Makeup and Vanity Set Action!
MAVS just released a ridiculously awesome soundtrack album for the upcoming film 88:88. You should go out and buy it 5 times. Then find the movie and watch it 5 times.

Traginus… every time,