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Whan That Aprille Part II: The Sequel

Fancy New Press Photo

Protomen photo 2016_web sm
design and extreme photoshopping to make us look pretty by: Caspar Newbolt
photo by: Jason Myers

It’s about that time again. We’re heading back out on the road next month to make a few stops in the northeast and “midwest” (stop kidding yourselves, Ohio, you’re about as midwest as Utah is mideast). And just like last time, we’re gonna have some friends in tow. First half of the tour, Bit Brigade will be dropping their thunders, and then the second half, Math The Band is gonna pick up all those thunders that Bit Brigade dropped and drop them again. And if that wasn’t enough thunder dropping for you, a couple shows right in the middle are gonna get double thunder dropped (not to be confused with Dr. Thunder dropped. You don’t want to know what that’s like…). It will be the most fun anyone has ever had in the entire history of history… or so ancient astronaut theorists contend. Check the dates below for the lineup breakdown and ticket links.


18th – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom *ALL AGES    †
19th – Buffalo, NY – Waiting Room *ALL AGES    †
20th – Toronto, ON – Velvet Underground *19+    †
22nd – Boston, MA – PAX East *ALL AGES    †
25th – Boston, MA – Middle East *18+    †∆
26th – Philadelphia, PA – World Cafe Live  *ALL AGES    †∆
28th – Grand Rapids, MI – Pyramid Scheme *ALL AGES    ∆
29th – Indianapolis, IN – Emerson Theater *ALL AGES    ∆
30th – Chicago, IL – Reggies *ALL AGES    ∆

shows with BIT BRIGADE
 shows with MATH THE BAND

This is the last last call for people who bought/pre-ordered the Clear version of the This City Made Us 10 inch record single at a show last year. If you ordered one and haven’t received it in the mail yet, it means you might have changed addresses or forgot to fill out some needed information. So, if you’re still waiting for yours, hurry up and send a message here with all that info.

And just a heads up for anyone interested in the Act II posters. We revamped them recently and made the big one even more gigantic. It’s now standard classic movie poster size (27″x41″), so you won’t have all those horrific frame troubles anymore.

That’s all I’ve got… for now.

See you next month,