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End Of The Future Part II

Before we get started with this mailer situation, I just want to issue a quick warning. This is a mailer full of pictures. If you don’t like pictures, you should close your email right now. Also, you should just stop and take a long hard think about your life. Why would you not like pictures? I understand not liking bad pictures… but not liking pictures in general? That’s weird.

Now, with all that business is out of the way… let’s get on to some pictures!


21st – Nashville, TN – 12th & Porter




The picture you just saw is the fancy cassette we’re putting out tomorrow night. It’s a single of “I Drove All Night.” It’s one ferocious jam. The B-side is a reworked version of “Breaking Out” and Mike and The Mechanics’ “Silent Running.” Artwork was done by John DeLucca and Caspar Newbolt of Version Industries. If you think the outside looks nice… wait till you see the inside artwork. This is an incredibly limited release, so don’t miss it. Whatever is left over from the show tomorrow night in Nashville will go on sale at the Sound Machine Store at 10am CST Saturday morning.

Also available at the show for the first time will be this magical new Breaking Out shirt. It’s super sassy… and magical.


BreakingOut Mockup NEW


Maybe you need 3 of them. Just ask these people…



As for tomorrow’s show, I have some unfortunate news. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Makeup And Vanity Set will not be joining us and Uncle Skeleton at 12th And Porter tomorrow night. We’ll all just have to bring the thunder for him.

Come on… wipe those tears. It’s not all bad news… tomorrow night we’re gonna play a jam from Act III!

The second pressing of the Act I vinyl is finally here. This time around we pressed it on black 180 gram (sounds very nice). It comes with a large poster of artwork and liner notes, and the original endings of Hope Rides Alone and Due Vendetta are still intact. Get these while they last… again.





This long sleeve black version of the very first Protomen shirt design will also be making it’s debut tomorrow night. Look at fake KILROY striking a pose down there… you know you want it.


Not actually KILROY…

All of this (and more!) will be available tomorrow night (21st) at 12th And Porter in Nashville (and will be available online at 10am the following day). So get your ass there. This stuff ain’t gonna wear and listen to itself.

Also, since the world is ending tomorrow night anyway… you might as well buy about 10 of everything, right?

Speaking of new things… our Zambooie store has a new hoodie. Check it out.

If the world somehow doesn’t end tomorrow, and you’re left sitting around wondering what to do with the rest of your life, maybe you should start it off right by making your way to Armageddicon in Columbus, OH to party with us once more! And then less than 2 weeks after that, we’re playing at MAGFest right outside of D.C.. Show the end of the world who’s boss. Spit in the face of the apocalypse by showing up to both of these post-apocalyptic shows.

22nd – Columbus, OH – Sheraton (ARMAGEDDICON)


05th – National Harbor, MD – MAGFest 11

Speaking Of Post-Apocalyptic…
We are taking a trip to Australia next year (July 19-21) to play PAXAus and fight for some precious juice. We don’t know what day we’re playing PAX yet, but you better go ahead and grab your passes before they’re gone.

See you on the other side (or tomorrow night),