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The Future Is Super Tough! (for the masses)

“Change is coming. The Volunteer State grows colder. The Thundercon will soon be consumed in frost and the sounds of people running through the David Beckham Wing seeking the warmth of the trash barrel fires that will light every bedroom for the months to come. If ever there was a time to hide away and try to survive the hell that’s coming, it is now.”
…those are the long since forgotten words of Panther…but know that they ring just as true today. Hell, they may ring more true today than they did last week, when he said them. It’s 22 degrees in Thundercon right now. And it’s not even that cold outside… The newly acquired Thundercat is currently frozen to the projector. How?…we don’t know. This house is turning on us. Things are getting bad here, and this is only the beginning. No retreat, No surrender. No time to die. We have things to do.

On the night of November 8th, 2008, we will be releasing a limited edition 7″ (Record Single – Two Tracks) from our upcoming Act II. It will be given to all those that come to the release show at 12th & Porter in Nashville. Thanks goes to Theory 8 Records for helping us put these two jams on record.

Since we’re talking about shows, we have 2 Murfreesboro shows this week. One is TODAY on the MTSU campus at 4:15PM…The other is SATURDAY at The Vine(we play at 8:45). BOTH ALL AGES!

Q&A Time…
We have been receiving many questions, as of late. Many of said questions were unanswerable (we know very little about ringworm). Many of them were indistinguishable, in terms of grammar, and a majority of them contained emoticons. After a bit of “Internet” to “English” translating, we have decided to answer a few of the more pertinent:

Q: “What are the age restrictions for the November 8th show?”
A: This show is 18 AND UP.

Q: “How many copies can I buy at the show?”
A: There are no limits to the number of records you can purchase at the show, at least until it sells out. You are just guaranteed one free with admission.

Q: “I’m from around Nashville, and I’m feeling like a puppy that’s been left out in the proverbial cold harsh rain, because I’m under 18. I am beginning to fret. Is there any way that we “under-agers” can get our tiny hands on this limited edition golden nugget of the future of the universe??”
A: For all of you under 18 locals, crying because you’re feeling like a puppy that’s been left out in the proverbial cold harsh rain, because you can’t get into the show where we’re giving away our first official release in 3 years… Do not fret. You’re only sort-of being left out in the proverbial cold harsh rain. Before the show gets started, we will have a Merch Table set up where your tiny underage hands can reach. It is here that you will be able to swing by and grab your very own limited edition golden nugget of the future of the universe.

Q: “I hear that there was a “mailing list-only” Pre-Sale of the 7″ inch last week. I’m not on the mailing list, because I don’t like having information first (too much pressure). Is there a way I too can pre-order before the show, or have I blown it?”
A: “You Blew It.”

Q: “I’ve got this rash, and I was wondering if…”
A: “No.”

….speaking of the 7″ Pre-Sale that happened at the first of last week….
For those of you who knew, and successfully reserved their copy…Congratulations! From now on, we’ll call you “The Fastest Nerds in the West.” So fast, even, that you managed to sneak orders past our machines. Originally, we were only putting 25 copies up for Pre-Sale, but within 30 minutes, so many orders came through that it clogged up the automated system. Before we knew what was happening, 40 had been sold. As for you extra 15……..consider yourselves lucky….this time.

A thank you to the boys of The Faint. We had a lovely time at the Cannery Ballroom show with you. Even though you threw us into a pit of dancing despair with your most rabid of fans, and despite a few snapped wires and broken joints, we’re all still alive. Perhaps we’ll meet you nice lads again one day..at the gates of steel.

Giving in can’t be wrong,