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Updates From The Future.

We’re so deep up in Australia right now, it’s ridiculous. PAX Aus was amazing. We’ve been driving around Melbourne for days now, in a really stupid looking van, on the wrong side of the road. We’ve eaten a shit load of bad ass meat pies. We’re in a really awesome hostel right now with nothing but hot girls everywhere. And we’ve eaten more fancy lollies and chock chocks (read: candy and chocolate… even though I don’t think Australians say “chock chocks”… I just want them to) than should be legally allowed. All that being said, I’ve decided that  Australia rules.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. We haven’t even seen any kangaroos, wombats, or Mel Gibson… yet. We’ve got about another week to make it all happen, so don’t forget that we’ve got 4 more fancy Aus shows (along with MC Frontalot!) while we’re here.  And remember… the likelihood of our return is directly proportional to the attendance at these final 4.  No pressure, Australia!

23rd – Melbourne, AU – Evelyn Hotel (Act I)  *+18*
24th – Melbourne, AU – Evelyn Hotel (Act II)  *+18*
27th – Sydney, AU – The Standard   *+18*
28th – Sydney, AU – Annandale Hotel  *+18*

When we get back to the USA of America, we’ll be playing a couple more shows on the West coast before heading back home. That’s you, Anaheim and San Francisco! If you live anywhere near these areas, you should do your best to get there. This will probably be the last time we get out that direction this year.

01st – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s  *ALL AGES*
03rd – Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction  *ALL AGES*
05th – Oklahoma City, OK – The Conservatory  *ALL AGES*
09th – Cincinnati, OH – Indie Summer Series @ Fountain Square  *FREE*
10th – Nicholasville, KY – The Pocket  *+18*

The limited edition Australia merch is going fast, so if you’re coming to the shows, grab what you can, when you can. Anything left over on the 28th will go to our new Aus store, and will be available to purchase worldwide. A new Australian Store link will pop up on our website on July 29th.   *EDIT 07/29/13* So it turns out the Australian store won’t go live until Aug 5th. Sorry for the confusion.

So even though we haven’t met Yahoo Serious, AC/DC, Icehouse, Olivia Newton-John, Paul Hogan, or John Farnham, we did see Gotye hanging out backstage at PAX before our show! But I don’t think he  stuck around to watch us play because we were too weird looking.

Now he’s just somebody that we saw at our show.