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Again with the squeaky shoes …
We have more bad news. But this time the bad news is only for the place that got away with not having bad news last time. Ashville, NC, we’re sorry, but it has to be this way. We found out late yesterday afternoon that our Tuesday show had to be canceled, due to these events that are continuously unforeseen. If someone would invent an Event Foreseer, believe us, we’d use the hell out of it … but until then, we are subject to the merciless and unrelenting whims of unforeseeability.

In Other News….that ISN’T bad –
We would like to thank each and every one of you for our victory at San Juan … I mean Mercy Lounge on Monday. You stood tall … well, most of you weren’t there, but you were there in spirit with your heads held high. To the ones of you that were actually there…you have the hearts of lions. We thank you for sticking around until 12:30 on a Monday night. We certainly couldn’t have done it without you. You were the “landslide.” And Stevie Nicks sang you with all her heart.

For those of you who are somehow in the dark with what all of this means –
It means that The Protomen are going to play at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN with Bruce Springsteen, The Decemberists, Jenny Lewis, TV On The Radio, Okkervil River, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, David Byrne, NIN, and Danny Glover! I don’t know if Danny Glover is really going to be there, but we got a hot tip.

On to other related business –
Recently, we told everyone that if we won the Road To Bonnaroo competition, we would have an ice cream party. We are men and women of our word … Congratulations, you won yourself free ice cream. Very soon, we’re having said Ice Cream party at the Strike And Spare on Charlotte Ave. in Nashville, TN. Stay tuned for more information.

Upcoming Show/s –
Next month, we will be supporting our longtime friends in Shoot The Mountain for their CD release show, and we’ll be joined by none other than TOTALLY SNAKE!! Every one of these men are like two legged unicorns of fury. That night will prove to be great fun for everyone.

May 16th
Shoot The Mountain – EP Release Show
Shoot The Mountain, The Protomen, and Totally Snake
at The Basement
Nashville, TN

June 11th – 14th
Bonnaroo Festival
Exact date to be announced.

It exists …

Far from over,



There are several items to bring to the table today….some good….some bad….some good and bad……some bad and good….some bad with good…..some good with bad….some good for bad…some bad for good. Nothing too bad…. Nothing too good. I will tell you, however, that I’m positive that none of the good news is bad, and none of the bad news is good.

Let’s get right down to the good parts of the good news and the bad parts of the bad news:
The bad news is we are having to stand down from our late April tour of the East coast………..but the good news is…..this will speed up the release of ACT II!! This is actually really great news, but know that we are deeply sorry that we will not get to come to your town and play jams for you and your family. Reason being, we had some tour scheduling conflicts, and at this point, Act II takes top priority.

That being said, the only show to survive the chopping block was Ashville, NC. I repeat… We ARE STILL playing the show at the New French Bar in Ashville, NC on April 28th.
I guess Ashville, NC only gets good news.

In other news:
As you might have gathered, we’re at the mixing stage of this album, and I’m going on record right now with saying that this is the best record since Technotronic released “Pump Up The Jam.”….no shits.

With all this bad news about shows being canceled….it’s good to know that we still have TWO shows coming up in Nashville… back to back…at the same place!

TONIGHT/Friday, April 17th – at Mercy Lounge ••18+••
with Kindercastle and Fly Golden Eagle – also DJ sets from Left Can Dance and Apache Putay!

MONDAY NIGHT/April 20th – at Mercy Lounge ••21+•• (WE NEED YOUR VOTE!)
Road To Bonnaroo – This is the night that we Battle for a slot at Bonnaroo!
Get there at 9…procure your ballot… and hang out with us till the end of TIME….the ELO record…That’s right, we’re just going to sit around listening to ELO all night. It’s what we do. And we can do it together!
—This is a totally FREE show.

We’ll see you there.