There are several items to bring to the table today….some good….some bad….some good and bad……some bad and good….some bad with good…..some good with bad….some good for bad…some bad for good. Nothing too bad…. Nothing too good. I will tell you, however, that I’m positive that none of the good news is bad, and none of the bad news is good.

Let’s get right down to the good parts of the good news and the bad parts of the bad news:
The bad news is we are having to stand down from our late April tour of the East coast………..but the good news is…..this will speed up the release of ACT II!! This is actually really great news, but know that we are deeply sorry that we will not get to come to your town and play jams for you and your family. Reason being, we had some tour scheduling conflicts, and at this point, Act II takes top priority.

That being said, the only show to survive the chopping block was Ashville, NC. I repeat… We ARE STILL playing the show at the New French Bar in Ashville, NC on April 28th.
I guess Ashville, NC only gets good news.

In other news:
As you might have gathered, we’re at the mixing stage of this album, and I’m going on record right now with saying that this is the best record since Technotronic released “Pump Up The Jam.”….no shits.

With all this bad news about shows being canceled….it’s good to know that we still have TWO shows coming up in Nashville… back to back…at the same place!

TONIGHT/Friday, April 17th – at Mercy Lounge ••18+••
with Kindercastle and Fly Golden Eagle – also DJ sets from Left Can Dance and Apache Putay!

MONDAY NIGHT/April 20th – at Mercy Lounge ••21+•• (WE NEED YOUR VOTE!)
Road To Bonnaroo – This is the night that we Battle for a slot at Bonnaroo!
Get there at 9…procure your ballot… and hang out with us till the end of TIME….the ELO record…That’s right, we’re just going to sit around listening to ELO all night. It’s what we do. And we can do it together!
—This is a totally FREE show.

We’ll see you there.

4 Responses to “ATTENTION!!”

  1. I am glad to hear that ACT II will be sped along, but the news of the tour cancellation was received with a heavy heart. My platoon stationed up here in the frigid north was hoping to regroup with our leaders in the new Jersey. Severe morale hit, but we are unshakable, and the fight goes on.

  2. Really excited about Act 2. Father of Death is an awesome song.

  3. Well sitting around listening to ELO all nigt is fine too! cant wait for Act 2!

  4. Congratulations, Protomen! According to the BMI website, you guys crushed it at the Road to Bonnaroo, and will be appearing at the festival! I absolutely can’t wait to see the band on the Farm.

    Here’s the link:

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