To The Travelers.

We have just been informed by the good people of Mercy Lounge, that if you are in need of lodging for the days surrounding the 25th, you can get a 20% discount at the nearby Best Western on Music Row if you say Mercy Lounge sent you(that was a remarkably long but somewhat acceptable sentence). All you have to do is ask for the manager named Poonam, and mention Mercy Lounge. (615) 242-1631. One word of advice, however, never look Poonam in the eye…because it may cost you yours.
We hope this info helps keep you off the dark and lonely streets.

We’re down to the last stretch. Under one day until we unveil another countdown that will slowly tick and tock its way until the ACTUAL release of Act II….on December 21, 2012.

Until then, I would like to thank all of you who have already reached for the stars and locked down your very own fancy private unadulterated physical copy of Act II…you’re like family now…well, sort of like family. I guess you’re not so much like family as you are like a bunch of creepy internet stalkers that give us your hard-earned bad-economy money from time to time. We know money is hard to come by. We know you work your fingers to the bone. We know you’re just a steel town girl on a Saturday night, looking for the fight of your life. Either way, what I’m trying to say is, we appreciate the hell out of you and your creepiness.

Now, as for the rest of you, I’m not going to say that if you don’t Pre-Order Act II right now, we’re going to come to your school and dip your head in a toilet in front of your friends, acquaintances, and that cute girl/guy you like. I won’t say that we’ll sneak into your room and hide all manner of drugs, pornographic material, and guns all over the place, while another one of us calls your parents with an anonymous and “concerned” tip…seriously, who would do such a thing?? However, I will say that if you don’t pre-order this record right now, a pack of wolves will come to your house tonight and devour your entire family. Think about it.

I’d like to take this time to point you in the direction of the man who brought the Act II album art to life. His name is John DeLucca. You may remember some of his fine work on our website and with the “Conquest Of The West” poster. He’s a man of great strength and power. Go ahead and let him know how much you like his magic.

If you still haven’t gotten your tickets to the Sept. 25th show, you’d best move with a quickness.

For those of you who are into things like Facebook and astronomy, you should click this link, and then spread it like wildfire.

They can’t hurt you now,


8 Responses to “To The Travelers.”

  1. why in gods name do you have to be from the southern states. me and about 20/30 people would kill to see your show on sept 25 but it just so happens that plane tickets to knashville from british columbia are 502$ friggin dolars, so please please please please videotape your show in somewhat good quality becuase everyone of us would and probably have killed to try and get out there.
    sincerly yours, pissed off videogame nerd and army

  2. Agreed. Get a Quality Camera in there. Seriously. If you video tape yourselves doing both act and sell it as a DVD. Well it’d be awesome?

  3. It sure would have been nice to know that tickets would be on sale before the show on the 25th. Because the Mercy Lounge is SOLD OUT!!!! Unless some poor soul out in the Intrawebs can’t use the tickets they bought, the rest of us get a bum deal. I love your music and you put on an awesome show, but seriously, some forewarning would have been nice.

  4. Ever think about playing ACen?

  5. Sorry about that last post. I was angry at myself for missing out on one of the coolest shows before the end of everything (2012, baby!) I was venting and you guys don’t deserve that.

    I can only hope that there will be another show for all the unlucky losers who couldn’t make Friday’s performance.

  6. OMG! Ranger thank you I feel like I’m the only one who believes 2012! Hope I survive the initial disaster and join a roving gang of paranoid murderers. I prolly won’t last to long, but hey it’ll be fun for a while.

  7. When the end finally comes, the Protomen will be there.

    Ready, Willing, and Prepared to fight.

  8. You guys have been so incredibly busy lately, and I don’t know if you’ve thought about the next leg of your tour at all, but might you be interested in playing Columbia SC? I work at WUSC, the college station for the University of South Carolina, and I talked to Panther after the Asheville show in August about one day making the trip down here. We are constantly working with Columbia music venues to put on great live shows, so if you fellas are AT ALL interested in playing here sometime after the New Year, please PLEASE send me an e-mail and our public affairs folks can start making some calls. Columbia will give you the warmest of welcomes.

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