Super Rad New Poster And Shirt

In just over a week we’ll be in Ireland getting ready for our show on the 03rd, so we wanted to go ahead and show you this toootaally original poster and shirt that we’ve been working on for a while. It’s pretty derned fancy, if you ask me. And even if you don’t ask me, I’ll still tell you it’s pretty derned fancy. Illustration and design by the ever-wonderful John DeLucca and Caspar Newbolt (respectively)……. and Boris

These are Euro show exclusive, so get to a show (or get a friend to a show) to grab one! If any of them survive the tour, we’ll put them up in our European Store

Just a general warning about tickets, they’re running reeeaal low for several shows. So don’t go around waiting till the last minute, because they could sell out, and then you’ll be sitting on the curb crying your metric tears and we won’t be able to help you, because we don’t understand the metric system. We hate seeing tears (metric, imperial, standard, or whatever… they’re all tears to us). Please don’t put us in that position. We want you to be happy. Grab tickets soon. And bring some people that have never heard us before, because we love looking out in the crowd and seeing that confused look on new people’s faces. 

03rd – Dublin – The Grand Social  – LOW TICKET WARNING
05th – London  – O2 Academy Islington  – LOW TICKET WARNING
07th – Munich  – Backstage Club 
08th – Vienna – Chelsea 
10th – Berlin – Privatclub 
11th – Cologne – Luxor 
12th – Hamburg – Kaiserkeller  
13th – Amsterdam – Melkweg  – LOW TICKET WARNING

That’s all for now,


p.s. Anyone who brings Panther a steel string acoustic guitar (with a pickup) and lets him borrow it for the entire Euro tour… and comes to pick it up in Amsterdam (otherwise he just leaves it on the street somewhere)… gets in free for the entire tour. First guitar wins!

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