November Update 1 of 2

Our new live album, Live In Nashville, is now available on all kinds of streaming and digital purchase parties (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Bandcamp, and Strudl [music for when you’re eating pastries]). Buy and stream your heart out…. but preferably buy… but streaming is cool, too… just do whatever makes you happy. Live your dreams. Also, please spread the word whilst living your dreams.

Posters for Live In Nashville are now shipping. They turned out great and we signed a mess of them, so grab some before Panther decides to burn them all because we used a picture of his unshaven face for the cover of this thing (he reeeallllly regrets not shaving that night…). 

CDs are also finally in hand and are starting to ship from the Sound Machine Store (we have signed ones of that, too)! Blurays, on the other hand… those ran into all kinds of COVIDelays. But everything is finally ironed out and they should be shipping very very soon. We don’t exactly know what “very very soon” entails, but it’s looking like two weeks — give or take a year. This IS Protomen stuff we’re talking about…


Hey Europe… heads up! The very last of the Act I vinyl repress (European exclusive Clear Smoke vinyl edition) are now available in very limited number (30) at our Kingsroad Europe store. Make it happen. Also, more stuff coming to that store soon.


Our future-past space-earth robot-feline-cone friends, TWRP, put out a new record since the last mailer called, Over The Top. And if that album title wasn’t wonderful enough, our very own Gambler Kirkdouglas McArthur C. Clark Kent State University Courtyard Marriott Hotel And Casino (yes, that’s her real name) makes an appearance on “Destination.” The whole album is pretty fancy. Give it a gander on CD, Vinyl, and all those same previously mentioned streaming parties (except for Strudl. TWRP hates pastries… I know, right? Who hates pastries? TWRP, that’s who. Unbelievable).

And last but not least (but maybe least?), we’ve added another Spotify playlist for you to gander. The Protomen Discography. It’s our entire current digitally-available discography for those times when you want to blow 6.5 hours. We’ll get “Built To Last” and “Beards Going Nowhere” on there someday… and yes, Act III will be on there when that bun is ready to come out of the oven.
***and don’t forget about the Pre-Show Playlist that’s been around for a bit. Please spread the word on that action, too. Help us excite those algorithms!

That’s all for now, but expect an obligatory Black Friday mailer next Friday. Speaking of… everybody have a happy and safe Thanksgiving next week. And for those of you outside the US, have a happy and safe Thursday next week.



If you, or anyone you know, have any information about, or are the owner of, the Twitch user-name “theprotomen,” please contact us at… I mean,

Live In Nashville – Album and Video

On this exact day 15 years ago, we, The Protomen, released our first album, Act I, upon the world… the week before.

That night, 15 years and 1 week ago, we played the whole album in front of a few dozen people for the first time ever at a venue called “The Boro” in Murfreesboro, TN. The show was a little wild and ferociously messy sounding (not unlike the album itself) but it got the point across. And even after all these years (and one week), those songs are still an absolute joy to play live. Today, on the anniversary of the week after the anniversary of that illustrious occasion, we present to you our first live video and album (well, first… after that Live Queen Album), The Protomen – Live In Nashville. 

Please note – This live show in question is NOT that original Boro release show. Believe me, you do NOT want to hear that one. This show is from many years later after we finally learned how to play our own songs, and we played a whole lot more than just Act I.

-Track Listing-
01. Intro
02. How the World Fell Under Darkness
03. Breaking Out
04. Keep Quiet
05. Light Up the Night
06. The Fall
07. Here Comes the Arm
08. Hope Rides Alone
09. Funeral For a Son
10. Unrest in the House of Light
11. The Will of One
12. Vengeance
13. The Stand (Man or Machine)
14. Sons of Fate
15. Kilroy Speaks
16. Father of Death
17. The Hounds
18. Thanks
19. Due Vendetta

Bluray – 98 minutes
CD (2 disc) – 94 minutes
Show info: Act I Vinyl Release Show – July 9th, 2011 – 12th And Porter

The CDs and Blurays are still in production, so don’t expect those to ship immediately, but they’re in the repro pipeline right now. You’ll get fancy immediate digital downloads with purchase of the Bluray and CD, though, so grab something and get to watching and listening. 

*And don’t worry Europe, we’re gonna try to get some CDs and Blurays sent over to our Kingsroad Store, too.  

And more good news – the commemorative Act I Logo Raglan Baseball-style T-shirts are back by popular demand. These dudes flew like hot potato chips on that last tour (i.e. Tapatio Doritos and Zapp’s Voodoo… not very hot but incredibly good), so grab them quick-like.

As usual, we’ve made some combo packs so you can save a bit of money on all of it. Check them all out on the Sound Machine Store. We’ve also updated a bit to accommodate things, so take a gander at that and see if you like it. 

**PLEASE NOTE** If you are a Protomen Documentary Kickstarter Backer and didn’t get two emails from us yesterday (one from Chris and Panther through Kickstarter proper, and one from VHX) that included your free digital download of the video, please email us with your full name and Kickstarter email. We’ll get it worked out. *also double check your junk folder.

And in case you missed the last mailer, we released The Cover Up on CD (also shipping some of these to KingsRoad Europe Store), and gave a link to our Pre-Show Spotify Playlist (you can listen to this before watching the video and it’ll be like being at a real show!!). Check them out, or don’t, whichever’s funnier. 

Enjoy the show,


August 2020 Update


After all the starts and stops, it’s finally in our hands and ready to ship!!! Space-age-laser-technology could be at your fingertips. All you have to do is act now. And while you’re at it, why don’t you grab one of those really awesome giant Cover Up movie posters to go along with it? There’s even a combo pack that makes it even cheaper!

Remember that time we did the score for, and acted in, the world’s greatest Shakespearian play of Terminator 2? Well… we sure do. And we recently found some of that old merch in the vaults. It’s available now on the Sound Machine Merch Store. There’s really not much left, so get it before it’s gone for all eternities (at least until I decide that I need another one of those rad shirts and demand that they reprint some, because that’s the only shirt I ever wear… well, that and three ELO shirts). 

**the soundtrack is also now available on all your favorite streamers, so get to streaming. 

I posted this on the social medias a while back (facebook, Instagram, Twitter), but I figured you fancy mailing listers/proto-news-page readers should have a fair crack at it, too.  It’s the Spotify Playlist that we play as house music before shows. Since we’re not out there playing for a while, might as well give a taste of what it’s like waiting for us to go on…

That’s all for now, but expect another mailer in a couple weeks with even more fun stuff.

Stay safe out there,


Spring Into Social Distancing and Merch

It’s a rare time (hopefully) when you have to decide between to two major crises to focus on, but here we are. While we were on this last tour with TWRP, the COVID-19 pandemic was starting up in the US and chasing us across the south. And then midway through the tour we got word that our hometown, Nashville, had been hit by a massive tornado. It was quite a blow to be so far from home and unable to help with the initial cleanup effort.

While there’s not much we can do to help in the COVID fight (aside from following the guidelines of the health officials), we figured we could at least lend a hand with the Nashville tornado issue.

We started to toss around ideas and, obviously, the first thing we thought to do was a benefit show as soon as we got home from tour. But then the (much needed) lockdown started to happen, making shows impossible. So we turned to the idea of making a limited edition “THIS CITY NEEDS YOU NOW” shirt to sell with all the proceeds going to Hands On Nashville. We’ve come up with this design that we hope you’ll grab and sport around your living room for all your pets to see. Wear it in your video meetings and twitch streams. Wear it to bed. Wear it in the shower, because maybe you’re a nevernude (no judging). Wear it wherever you want! Just grab one and help us support Nashville through the painful tornado cleanup/rebuild.

Pre-order starts now on our Sound Machine Store.

HOWWWWEEEEVVER, we know times are really really tough right now with the larger pandemic issues, so DON’T spend money on this if money is scarce. Nashville is strong and we’ll still be standing when all this is over. What we’re saying is, don’t buy Protomen Merch over buying, say, flaming hot cheetos or paying your rent. We need you to stay fed, housed, and safe… and non-corona’d.

Right on the heels of that spiel about not spending money when you don’t have to…

20% off of everything in the Kings Road store. Friday – Thursday (April 10th-16th) … *EDIT* sale was originally Friday – Monday, but there were technical difficulties, so we extended to Thursday.

Enter this code at checkout: EASTERMEN2020

But seriously, if money is tight, please don’t buy our stuff. Save your money for the essentials, like food and toilet paper. But mostly toilet paper.

That being said, you can probably use most of our merch as toilet paper*. Sooooo maybe buy a bunch of our merch, just in case?

*most merch is non-flush

For those wondering about the Cover Up CDs that I mentioned in the last mailer, they ran into production issues and have, unfortunately, been delayed. They’re still coming, but we don’t know exactly when. Keep an eye on our socials (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for more info on that between mailers. We’ll probably post a picture when they finally get here.

Stay safe out there,


Tour Soooon

Southern tour with TWRP starts in under TWO WEEEEEEKS (I could have said it starts next Thursday, but I really just wanted another reason to link to the Two Weeks lady… there, I did it again!!)!!!

We’re hitting parts of Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, so if you live around there, you better grab tickets soon, because tickets are running low for most of them (except for SOME cities… we’re not pointing any fingers, but you need to pick up the pace, New Orleans!). 

27th – San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger
28th – Austin, TX – Mohawk

01st – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey B&G
03rd – New Orleans, LA – Southport Hall
05th – Orlando, FL – The Abbey
06th – Orlando, FL – The Abbey
07th – Gainesville, FL – High Dive
08th – Tampa, FL – Crowbar

VIP/Meet And Greet ticket Holders will get a pretty rad Sticker Sheet of band members, Limited Poster, tour themed Phone Popper THing, Tour Laminate, and fancy Drawstring Tour Bag. I really didn’t know what I should be capitalizing in that last sentence, so I decided to wing it. Either way, here’s some mockups of some of the stuff:

Sticker Sheet

***The VIP packages are running low in some places, so don’t snooze on it. 

And if you can’t make it to this tour, but want some Proto/TWRP merch, we still have some signed and unsigned posters left over from the last tour on our merch store.

We’re finally pressing The Cover Up to that new technology everybody’s been talking about, Compact Disc (or C.D. for short), so keep an eye out for that in the very near future (we’ll hopefully have some of them in time for the tour). 

We’ve got two color variants of a new shirt style (well… it’s new for us) we’re testing out for this run, so let us know if you’re into it and we may make more. 

And all you European people, don’t forget that we’ve got a new merch store over there. Buy all that stuff (and spread the word) so we can send them new things!

That’s all for now, but more fun stuff coming soon,


December Update

First off… 
Heads up, we’re playing MAGFest 2020 in under 3 weeks! It’s gonna be rad, so if you’re around the DC area at the first of January, you should stop on by for a spell.  We’re playing on Saturday night, but we’ll be there starting Thursday, so come see us at the merch table (or at the Tron machine).

02nd – National Harbor, MD – MAGFest (hang out day)
03rd – National Harbor, MD – MAGFest (hang out day)
04th – National Harbor, MD – MAGFest (show day)

Second off…

We’re going back out with TWRP for a short run in late February – early March for a Super South run!!!! Texas over to Florida!!! It’s gonna be some extreme fun!! Tickets on sale NOW! Exclamation Points!!!

27th – San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger
28th – Austin, TX – Mohawk

01st – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey B&G
03rd – New Orleans, LA – Southport Hall
05th – Orlando, FL – The Abbey
06th – Orlando, FL – The Abbey
07th – Gainesville, FL – High Dive
08th – Tampa, FL – Crowbar

Third off…

And sorta connected to the Second off. The signed and unsigned versions of the big fancy screen printed posters from our previous tour with TWRP are now available in the Sound Machine Store, so grab some before they’re gone for all of eternity.  Annnnnnd, for the rest of December, you can get free shipping on orders over $50 when you use this code at checkout: FREESHIP

Fourth off…

We’ve switched some things around and now all our European merch will be handled by Kings Road Merch (they’re the ones who printed our super fancy Euro Tour Shirts). And with that, all of the leftover merch from the Euro Tour is finally available for online purchase! There’s not a lot of it left, so grab it while you can. Seriously the best shirts we’ve ever done. Big thanks John DeLucca (for the art), Caspar Newbolt (for the design), and Kings Road (for doing a hell of a job printing it).  

***Also, you can get signed and unsigned versions of the super rad poster, too.

Fifth off… 
That’s all for now. More soon.


Holiday Super Sales Spectacular 3000

Black Friday Through Cyborg Monday

Our annual holiday sales action starts tonight at midnight (Friday 12:00am CST) and runs through Monday night (11:59pm CST) on the Sound Machine Store, so grab what you need while there’s stuff to grab! 

For 20% off your order, just enter this code at checkout: TWENTY2019

On top of that, the remaining super rad TWRP & Protomen Together At Last screen printed tour poster will finally be making an appearance (signed and unsigned versions available). Sorry for the delay on that, it takes a lot of effort to get a bunch of posters signed by all of us (both bands).  

We’ve got some cool stuff coming up soon, so keep an eye on our socials… Instagram, Facebook, Bandsintown, and Twitter

Don’t take that mention of Bandsintown to mean we have shows coming up. We don’t… or do we?

And yeah, yeah, Act III when? We’re working on it. It’s getting fierce. It’s looking like we won’t beat the next Half-Life to market, but I’ve got money that we still beat Avatar 2.


Super Rad New Poster And Shirt

In just over a week we’ll be in Ireland getting ready for our show on the 03rd, so we wanted to go ahead and show you this toootaally original poster and shirt that we’ve been working on for a while. It’s pretty derned fancy, if you ask me. And even if you don’t ask me, I’ll still tell you it’s pretty derned fancy. Illustration and design by the ever-wonderful John DeLucca and Caspar Newbolt (respectively)……. and Boris

These are Euro show exclusive, so get to a show (or get a friend to a show) to grab one! If any of them survive the tour, we’ll put them up in our European Store

Just a general warning about tickets, they’re running reeeaal low for several shows. So don’t go around waiting till the last minute, because they could sell out, and then you’ll be sitting on the curb crying your metric tears and we won’t be able to help you, because we don’t understand the metric system. We hate seeing tears (metric, imperial, standard, or whatever… they’re all tears to us). Please don’t put us in that position. We want you to be happy. Grab tickets soon. And bring some people that have never heard us before, because we love looking out in the crowd and seeing that confused look on new people’s faces. 

03rd – Dublin – The Grand Social  – LOW TICKET WARNING
05th – London  – O2 Academy Islington  – LOW TICKET WARNING
07th – Munich  – Backstage Club 
08th – Vienna – Chelsea 
10th – Berlin – Privatclub 
11th – Cologne – Luxor 
12th – Hamburg – Kaiserkeller  
13th – Amsterdam – Melkweg  – LOW TICKET WARNING

That’s all for now,


p.s. Anyone who brings Panther a steel string acoustic guitar (with a pickup) and lets him borrow it for the entire Euro tour… and comes to pick it up in Amsterdam (otherwise he just leaves it on the street somewhere)… gets in free for the entire tour. First guitar wins!

Will Of One Live and Euro Tour Extravaganza

So our tour with TWRP was a terribly incredible time. Things may have started off rocky 5, but they quickly turned into Rocky 1-4 and then 6, and then Creed 1, (I still haven’t seen Creed 2 yet, but I’ll rectify that soon) once we got past all of our bus and trailer issues, about 4 days in. I’d dare say it was one of the very best tours we’ve ever toured, and we already miss the poop out of being on the road with those dudes. We WILL do it again someday. 

But enough of this gooey shhhow of emotion, let’s get on with the stuff…

Will Of One – Live In Nashville
In honor of the recent Act I vinyl repress, and in honor of us finally going to Europe, we figured it was time to pull the wraps off of this thing we’ve been working on for a while. 

This is a clip from the night we first released the Act I vinyl. We were hoping to have it done for the repress release, but we just didn’t make it in time (Act III recording took priority!).  So yeah, this is just a teaser for the entire show video AND live album that’s on the way. It’ll include all of Act I and most of Act II, soooo better late than never?

We’re pretty proud of where it landed. We’ve wanted to do a live video/album for a long time and this show turned out to be the right fit. Buuut… as with most live recordings, this one came with some gremlins that had to be dealt with, so it’s taken some time. There were things we had to fix because of bad cables/mics… and there were things we had to fix because of Freddie Wong stepping on Ringo’s cable RIGHT at the start of one of his solos (we forgive you, Freddie…). There were just all kinds of lovely little nuggets of, “how the shit did that happen?!” that we had to fix. So what I’m saying is… because we wanted this to be a great listening and viewing experience for everybody, there were things we had to fix before we could let this see the light of day. But there were plenty of other turdy things we could have fixed but didn’t, since this is a live record/video and all live albums/videos are mildly turdy (I think it may be a law), unless you’re watching a Europe live show from ’86 or ’87. Seriously, everything that comes out of Joey Tempest’s mouth at those shows could be an album take.

Everyone who was part of our documentary Kickstarter will get the full show video for free… HOWEVER… those wonderful kickstarterers will also get a free copy of whatever the documentary is that we release in the future, because we said you’d get a for-real documentary, and by damns, we’ll get you a for-real documentary….. eventually… 

Speaking of live shows and documentaries… we’re headed to Europe in just over TWO WEEEEKSSSS!!!!!!

Tickets are running super low for several of the shows (especially Ireland, London, and Amsterdam), so jump on them quick. Who knows when/if we’ll get back over there. Grab some tickets below and tell all your friends about tickets, because I’ve heard that friends LOVE tickets.

03rd – Dublin – The Grand Social  – LOW TICKET WARNING
05th – London  – O2 Academy Islington  – LOW TICKET WARNING
07th – Munich  – Backstage Club
08th – Vienna – Chelsea
10th – Berlin – Privatclub
11th – Cologne – Luxor
12th – Hamburg – Kaiserkeller 
13th – Amsterdam – Melkweg  – LOW TICKET WARNING

We’ve got a ferocious new poster and t-shirt to show you soon. Expect another mailer next week! Seriously, maybe the best shirt and poster we’ve ever had.


2019 Tour Countdown + Act I Vinyl Returns!

We’re heading out with TWRP in exactly TWWOO WEEEEEKS for our co-headlining tour, and tickets are nearly gone for most shows. If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, you’d better grab them super immediately. 

12th – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall • All Ages – SOLD OUT
13th – Pontiac, MI – Crofoot Ballroom • All Ages
14th – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom • All Ages – SOLD OUT
16th – Toronto, ON – Opera House • All Ages – SOLD OUT
17th – Buffalo, NY – Rec Room • +16
19th – Kingston, NY – BSP (Back Room Theater) • All Ages
20th – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club • All Ages – SOLD OUT
22nd – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere • +16 – SOLD OUT
23rd – Philadelphia, PA – World Cafe Live  • All Ages – SOLD OUT
24th – Baltimore, MD – Soundstage • All Ages – SOLD OUT
25th – Richmond, VA – The Broadberry • All Ages – SOLD OUT
26th – Atlanta, GA – Terminal West • All Ages – SOLD OUT
27th – Nashville, TN – Basement East • +18 – SOLD OUT

And here’s the extremely limited edition VIP EXCLUSIVE poster that goes to everyone that buys (or bought..) VIP tickets for this PROTO-TWRP tour. There’s still a few VIPs left, so grab them while you can. We are some serious Beef Supremes in this thing!

poster by Lazerhorse

And tickets are also going really fast for London, Dublin, and Amsterdam. There aren’t many spots left, so grab them before they’re gone for all of eternity! 

03rd – Dublin – The Grand Social (LOW TICKET WARNING)
05th – London  – O2 Academy Islington (LOW TICKET WARNING)
07th – Munich  – Backstage Club
08th – Vienna – Chelsea
10th – Berlin – Privatclub
11th – Cologne – Luxor
12th – Hamburg – Kaiserkeller 
13th – Amsterdam – Melkweg (LOW TICKET WARNING)

This store is getting off its feet and we’ve figured out how to lower shipping costs a bit more. Go check it out!

If you didn’t get your fill of Act I vinyl with the last few pressings, now’s your chance to live your dreams! These usually go pretty quick, so get them while they’re around. Plus, we have some rad new color variants for you to gander (Blue smoke and Red smoke!)!  Plus Plus, we’ve brought back the original Proto logo shirt and Elec Man shirt (from our first animated Hope Rides Alone website video), for a limited time (Wil Wheaton approved)! And these are all ready to ship.

More stuff coming next mailer (remember that live Will Of One clip from the Euro Tour announcement video?)

See you soon,