February 2017 Part II: The Sequel

Check out the fresh new fancy 18″x 24″ screen printed poster for the NY Light Up The Night show/screening/Q&A/meet&greet extravaganza at the same venue where the video was shot all those 200 years ago. Big thanks to John DeLucca for being the most incredible artist we’ve ever known (we don’t personally know Syd Mead, so you get a pass there, DeLucca…). These are in crazy limited supply and exclusive to the NY show, so don’t miss out on one. And don’t miss out on tickets to the show, either, because they’re moving fast. Get tickets below.

08th – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg (Video showing/Q&A/rock show/meet-n-greet) *18+

As I’m sure most of you already guessed from the last mailer, we ARE playing PAX on Friday night with Bit Brigade and Videri String Quartet. If you’re gonna be at PAX, you have no excuse not to be there (and no, being “tired” isn’t an excuse. That’s exactly what they invented PCP for *).

*note – please don’t take PCP.

10th – Boston, MA – PAX East (show day)
11th – Boston, MA – PAX East (hangout day/meet and greet action)
12th – Boston, MA – PAX East (hangout day)

For those of you who plan on hanging around Boston after PAX, and/or weren’t able to get PAX tickets before they sold out… don’t forget we’ve got that suuuper rad Post-PAX show at Royale on Monday, with us, Bit Brigade, MC Frontalot, and newly announced Powerglove! This one is gonna be intense.

13th – Boston, MA – Royale *18+

And you didn’t think we’d only give NY the fancy Light Up The Night screening treatment, did you? We’re doing the same thing at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville on May 18th. Not only will this be the first time it’s shown in an actual movie theater, but this will be the first time anyone besides us has heard the film in 5.1 Surround Sound, as well. And this is the first time we’ve had an all ages show in Nashville in FOREVER. It’s pretty fancy, so go ahead and get to thinking about going ahead and thinking about getting tickets right now!

18th – Nashville, TN – Belcourt Theater (Video showing/Q&A/rock show/meet-n-greet) *ALL AGES

And for everyone else (not really eevverryone, but you know what I mean), don’t worry, we’ve got a few more Light Up The Night events coming that are spread out across the US, and we’ll be announcing them soon.

In other news, if you’ve got the yearn for your very own Cover Up record, now’s the time, because they’re almost sold out. And who knows if/when we’ll press more. Dennis DeYoung of Styx said it was his favorite cover of Mr Roboto he’s ever heard (and I promptly shit my britches all over the place when I heard that). So you really don’t want to miss out on having something that prestigious in your record collection, do you? I already bought two copies just in case.

See some of you real soon, and spread the word.


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