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This City Made Us_front cover_72This City Made Us

It’s finally time to pull the lid off this one. What you’re looking at is the 10″ record single for the new hit Act III track, “This City Made Us.” It’s a pretty tough jam. Artwork by John DeLucca.

Now, you’re probably wondering what cover jam we put on the B-side… well, stop it. Haven’t we done enough? Seriously, we just put out a whole album of those. And there technically isn’t even a B-side on this record, because it’s listed as Side 2. But I’ll tell you that on that Side 2 is……. drumroll…. wait for it….. “Hold Back The Night.” There. We finally did it. You now know the official title of the song. And yes, it’s always been called that, but we didn’t want to ruin the speculatory fun. Mostly everyone eventually landed on the right side of history with it, though, so congratulations!

When can you get it, you ask? Well, we’ve partially learned our lesson here with dealing with vinyl, so we’re holding back the pre-sale until Aug 15th (10am CST – the morning after the release party we’re about to get to further down below). We didn’t like that everyone had to wait so long to get their Cover Up records (that was entirely on us for pulling the lid off too early). Hooweevverr, it did get the music in your hands quicker, so pros and cons. Either way, we’re trying to split the difference this time. When the pre-order starts, there will hopefully only be about a month and a half wait between pre-sale and shipping.

And, just like the Cover Up record, it comes with an instant 320kbs Mp3 download of the two songs, and the record itself has a download code inside for formats like WAV and FLAC.


more artwork by John DeLucca.

Those of you who can make it to the show will be the first to hear the new jams, because we’ll have them available for pre-sale at the merch booth. Purchaseers (same thing as purchasers, but more fancy sounding) will receive a special download card at the merch booth, and your record will be shipped to you when they escape the record pressing plant. These records are very limited, so get to the show if you can. But if you can’t be at the show, be on the internet at 10am CST on Aug. 15th.

Red Bull was kind enough to partner with us on this show with their Red Bull Sound Select series. What that means to you is that it’s an 18+ single release show for only $3 dollars. And our good friend Ri¢hie will be there with us, and so will In The Whale.

A big heads up. It’s not a traditional “purchase your tickets in advance” type situation. What you do is go to this website and RSVP. This puts you on the list and then you just come to the show and pay your three dollars at the door. It doesn’t guarantee entry, but if you’re relatively early, you’ll almost certainly get in (unless we get super famous between now and then).

14th – Nashville, TN – Exit/In (Red Bull Sound Select)

The prodigal sons and daughter return… after a two-year-long hiatus, we’re back at our beloved PAX on Aug. 30th. Seriously, it’s been too long. What can I say, we’ve had a lot going on. But now the time is right to bring the thunder back to Seattle. And this year’s lineup is extra great. MC Frontalot, Bit Brigade, our Aussie friends 7bit Hero, Freezepop, and The Returners are all gonna be there. And if I don’t get to play with an Oculus Rift or a Morpheus at this thing, someone’s gonna have a bad day.

And in case any of you forgot, we’re starting our east coast tour tomorrow. Check out the dates below for everything we’ve got right now. More west coast shows are on the way very soon, so keep an eye on our Tour Page, as well as our Facebook and Twitters.

11th – Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel 
12th – Carborro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
13th – Richmond, VA – The Broadberry
15th – Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage  *w/ Lionize
16th – Danbury, CT – Heirloom Arts Theatre
18th – Somerville, MA – Thunder Road (moved to the 20th at Middle East)
19th – New York City, NY – Gramercy Theatre *w/ Kellindo
20th – Cambridge, MA – Middle East
21st – Howell, NJ – Game Changer World
23rd – Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern *w/ Hans Condor
24th – Gainesville, FL – High Dive *w/ Hans Condor
25th – Orlando, FL – Backbooth *w/ Hans Condor
26th – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade *w/ Hans Condor

14th – Nashville, TN – Exit/In (Red Bull Sound Select)
19th – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey *+16
22nd – Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy *ALL AGES
23rd – Pamona, CA – The Glass House *ALL AGES
25th – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s *ALL AGES
26th – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater *ALL AGES
27th – Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret *19+
28th – Seattle, WA – PAX (Hanging Out)
29th – Seattle, WA – PAX (Hanging Out)
30th – Seattle, WA – PAX (Show Day) *ALL AGES
31st – Seattle, WA – El Corazon

12th – Birmingham, AL – Saturn

*more west coast shows may be on the way, so keep your butts on the prize.

This mailer might be the longest yet. I’m sorry for that, I truly am. It’s just a lot of information that wants to break free.



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  1. Im dissapointed you guys are not coming back to Pittsburgh on this tour, guess ill just have to patiently wait.

  2. Whyyyyy Goddddd!!! one month before I turn 18!

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