Super Awesome Tour Update

It looks like the bulk of Super Awesome Tour 2010: Part II has passed, but do not fret, we still have Des Moines, Springfield, Nashville, Richmond, Baltimore, and Brooklyn to get excited about! ….and then Super Awesome Tour 2010: Part III: The West Coast!!!

This tour has been hard on us, but we’ve persevered. Our bus has broken down no less than 5 times in the nearly three weeks that we’ve been out on the road. That is why it has been officially named….The Skyhammer! If you all hadn’t brought the thunderous thunder at the previous shows, it would have been easy to just go home. We’re glad you did. Aside from all of the bus issues, this has been one of the best tours we’ve ever had. Thank you for that.

We’ve added some shows since last we spoke words at each other. Some of them include………….Richmond, Brooklyn, Houston, Vancouver, and plenty more on the way. Get Excited!!

And yes. Houston will be an ice cream party. Be there.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all of our upcoming shows (more to be added):

29th – Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
31st – Springfield, MO – The High Life

06th – Nashville, TN – 12th and Porter
13th – Richmond, VA – Plaza Bowl •ALL AGES•
14th – Baltimore, MD – Sonar – Bit Gen Fest 5 (128 Bit Genocide)
15th – Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory •ALL AGES•
23rd – Houston, TX – Super Happy Fun Land

03rd – Seattle, WA – PAX -(We play this day.)
04th – Seattle, WA – PAX – (Hanging out.)
05th – Seattle, WA – PAX – (Hanging out.)
07th – Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret

If you’re in NY or the surrounding area, make sure you get your tickets to the newly added Brooklyn show on Aug. 15th. Those tickets will go quickly. Be one of the Best Of The Best!

That is all for now,


9 Responses to “Super Awesome Tour Update”

  1. Just saw a poster today saying you guys would be in town 7/31. Apparently I’m made of fail 🙁

  2. You just made a ton of people supremely stoked with that Vancouver date.

  3. Greenville is totally between brooklyn and houston. Most kids should be in town around the 20th.

  4. The Vancouver show isn’t posted on The Biltmore’s website; I think they need to be pestered about doing a bit of advertising and selling tickets already.

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  8. The resilience of the Super Awesome Tour crew is inspiring. Looking forward to catching the Brooklyn show and indulging in the Houston ice cream extravaganza.
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