After all the intense amount of  waiting you’ve had to wait through. After all the never ending pain you’ve had to endure. The wait is over….the never ending pain has been proven to be not so never ending! That’s right, people….things are really starting to look up. You’d better cancel all your dinner plans, lock up all your babies, and wish your fathers had never met your mothers, because….SHARK WEEK IS HERE! Its time to sit your ass in front of any TV you can find and watch hours and hours and hours and hours of the Tom Selleck of the sea, SHARKS!

In honor of this momentous, albeit annual..or semi-annual….or poly-annual occasion (does anybody actually know how often Shark Week happens?), we’ve decided to give you all a sneak preview of all of Act II . At the link below, we will provide a 49 second clip of every song on Act II. I know, I know…you can thank us later. OR………you can thank us right now by purchasing your very own Act II shirt! It is now available for pre-order, and is quite a looker, if you ask me. The ladies love it! The guys admire it! Its just like wearing AXE body spray….except you don’t have to be a date rapist to wear it!!! *That last bit is a fact. It’s been clinically tested….in a clinic.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…………………………………………………………………………….
…………………………………………………………………ACT II Preview!!!!

Speaking of momentous occasions, you know that Act II will be available on Sept. 8th, but what most of you don’t know is that the Act II Release Show is scheduled to happen on FRIDAY, SEPT. 25th.

Let me tell you a little something about the show:
As some of you may have expected, the show is going to happen at Mercy Lounge in Nashville (what can we say, we like those assholes). What some of you won’t expect is that we are going to have TWO stages. A 10 Piece String Section. 10 Member Choir. An Unnumbered Horn Section. …and we will play the entirety of Act’s I&II back to back. Well, sort of back to back. Makeup And Vanity Set is going to play during intermission!

So, hop on your Shatner Machine, find your cheap plane tickets and hotel rooms, and then start preparing yourself for one ferocious night, because it’s not like going down the pond chasin’ bluegills and tommycods. This show…. swallow you whole.  Here’s to swimmin’ with bow legged women.

Speaking of bow legged women (who are generally just as nice as regular legged women, and should not be discriminated against)…. The good people of Mercy Lounge have set up a special Pre-Sale for everyone on our Mailing List. That’s you. Don’t get left out in the cold. GO HERE and enter the magic password: dfetterman
*Word on the street is that if you get one of these super code protected Pre-Sale tickets…you may just receive a fancy little something at the show. I’m not really sure what street that word was heard on, but I’m somewhat positive that it was heard on at least one street.

Between now and then, we are going to be playing a few shows up the East Coast. We’re making our way up to Baltimore to make our third appearance at the annual (8, 16, 32, 64)Bit Genocide party. If you’re one of those people who are into the video games and the PacMan, you should put forth your best effort to be at Ottobar in Baltimore on Aug. 22nd.
The list of upcoming shows you should attend is as follows:
20th – Knoxville, TN – The Midtown *All Ages*
21st – Richmond, VA – Plaza Bowl – (along with How I Became The Bomb) *All Ages*
22nd – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar – 64Bit Genocide
23rd – Ashville, NC – New French Cafe *21+*

25th – Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge (Act II Release Show)


You know what you have to do.


8 Responses to “IT’S FINALLY HERE…”

  1. That preview blew out my speakers and left me in a coma for one week.

    Good Job.

    I assume you’ll be synthesizing each individual song before the initial release.

    It might be hard to listen to for more casual fans.

    Nah, your right….fuck them.

  2. […] Protomen announced upcoming show dates, including the release party for their greatly anticipated album, Act II: What some of you won’t […]

  3. Man. I would totally buy that pre-order shirt if it came in 3-4XL. Sad face.

  4. When will you be able to confirm you’re coming to Asheville NC? I’ve been waiting for you guys to play near me for a long time.

  5. You guys need to come to the Fest (October 30th to November 1st in Gainesville)! YOU NEED TO!!!!

  6. Columbus, OH, is in need of liberation. The armies of Wily have taken our freedoms away “for the sake of our protection”. We must be liberated. On behalf of all citizens of Columbus, OH, I earnestly beg you, The Protomen, to lead us out of the darkness and show us the light.

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