The Hunt For Red October

We’re heading out for a short tour in October to get back in shape and to keep our brains from frying from all the Act III studioing. We’ll have our dearest friends, Makeup And Vanity Set and Bit Brigade, with us on the whole trip, so don’t do something silly like skip out on the greatest shows of all recorded time. Also, we think MAVS is gonna defect when he gets to the West coast (you see… I’m saying he’s Sean Connery in this very flimsy Hunt For Red October analogy. Ooooh! And the reason our first show is on Sept 30th is because we wanted to get a head start, since it takes a while to drive a submarine from Nashville to Chicago! Nah, still flimsy. Don’t worry. We’ll figure out the analogy before the tour or we’ll call the whole thing off and try for the “Sweet November” tour… where we just drive the bus to wherever Keanu Reeves is to tell him what a shit movie that was, and that Bill and Ted 3 better come out before Act III, or else).

Also, if you can get to Portland, we’re doing a special VIP Ticket Meet & Greet situation before the show. It’ll be fun, if you’re into that sort of thing.

30th – Chicago, IL – Reggies +17

01st – Kansas City, MO – Riot Room +21
04th – Seattle, WA – Chop Suey •All Ages•
05th – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre +19
07th – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre •All Ages• *Special VIP Meet&Greet Tickets Available*
08th – San Jose, CA – The Ritz +21
09th – Los Angeles – Echoplex •All Ages•
13th – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill +16
14th – Memphis, TN – Hi Tone Cafe +18

*some of these age restrictions can be circumvented by having a parent with you. However, YOU SHOULD CHECK WITH THE VENUE FIRST.

Speaking of MAVS, he’s released a whole lot of new stuff recently, so you should go to his site or bandcamp to check it out (and don’t forget we have a bandcamp now, toooooo!).

More good stuff soon,


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