Why, hello there.

I just wanted to give you a quick recap before I catch you up on all the goings on. The west coast tour was absolutely amazing. If you came to one or five of the shows on this past tour, and are reading this right now, I just want you to go ahead and give yourself a nice pat on the back. I don’t care if you’re at your cubicle and your boss is watching. Your boss needs to know. And if he or she gets weird about it, just say you thought you might have a little dandruff… or a little lice. And if he or she gets weird about that, just say you were just joking about the dandruff and lice stuff, and that you were really just reading band newsletters while you were supposed to be working. Bosses love it when people do that.

Either way, I just wanted to say that you did a good job. Probably the best tour we’ve ever been on, so a big “attaboy” and “attagirl” to everyone that made it out. And then an extra special “attaboy” and “attagirl” to everyone in Dallas. You people were pure rock and roll in a rainstorm.

Now, on to the new stuff.

Surprise Nashville show on Oct 3rd! It’s a big day of music at East Park in Nashville called East Side Social. We’re gonna close out the night, but don’t be late because there’s all kinds of great bands that day. For instance, The Features will be playing right before us, and Alanna Royale, Reno Bo, The Future, Justin and the Cosmics, Smoking Flowers, and Lilly Hiatt will be dropping their respective hammers before that. Don’t miss it.

03rd – Nashville, TN – East Side Social at East Park

In case you haven’t already heard the swell news, “Light Up The Night” is going to be in Rock Band 4 (releases October 6th)!  We got to test it out at PAX a few weeks ago, and it was surreal… and fun as shit (we generally sucked at it, though). I’d suggest getting RB4, and then I’d go on to suggest bugging the shit out of them for more of our songs as DLC, especially “This City Made Us.” You know what to do.

Speaking of games and Rocktober… we aren’t in this one, but our friends at Capcom have done a mighty good thing by releasing a rad collection of the most essential Mega Man games ever made in the absolute history of all mankind, 1-6. You can get The Mega Man Legacy Collection on PS4, XBOX, and Steam (and 3DS is coming next year)! Not only does it have all 6 NES originals, it comes with challenge modes, a museum of concept art, and all manner of fancy suches. If you don’t support this one, how can you expect them to make any other MM games?

No real updates yet on when the records will be done at the plant, unfortunately. We’ll let you know the moment we hear anything. In the mean time, get your pre-order on (comes with instant MP3 download of the two songs). And maybe go to our YouTube page and check out the songs there.

As for the show-exlusive clear records, we sold almost all of them on the last tour, so we won’t be posting any online. We have a few left over that we’ll be selling at the October 3rd show, so get-em while you can.

One more thing. This is an official LAST CALL to use your Warped Tour/Cover Up laminate 5-dollar-discount-code for the Cover Up album (cassette or record). If you still have that sweet laminate floating around, and haven’t already gotten your Cover Up album, go here to use that code before it’s too late! The codes will be deactivated at the very end of OCTOBER 6th.

Lookout weekend,


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  1. I hope that you guys perform at MAGFest in February 2016! It’s half the reason my friends and I even got tickets to go to MAGFest! I can’t wait for Acf 3 and I am so hyped to rocking your song out on Rock Band 4!

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