You didn’t think we wouldn’t get in on this ridiculous weekend sales action, did you? But we’re not just doing it today, oh no, we’re taking it all the way through the weekend. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Sunday, and Cyborg Monday. I know most of you are probably coming down from a tryptophan overdose right about now (who cares if it may be a myth), but don’t sleep through these barn busters… or door burners… or whatever. Just get on these deals while the gettin’s hot.

Sound Machine Store
Nov. 29th – Dec. 2nd (Friday-Monday)
Discount Code: cyborg20

Australia Store 
(REMEMBER: anyone in the whole wide world can order from this world wide web store, and once stuff’s gone, it’s gone)
Discount Code: (no discount code needed. everything is discounted already)

William Shakespeare Presents: Terminator The Second is now available at the Terminator The Second website. There’s no fancy sale for it, but it’s already only $10 for the movie+soundtrack album combo, so skip that steak dinner at Western Sizzlin and pick it up ASAPOECBHIGCTYHABTA (that’s an acronym for As Soon As Possible Or Else Commander B. Hawkins Is Gonna Come To Your House And Beat That Ass). Now, with the usual threats out of the way, I’d like to give a big thanks to everybody that made it out to the release show. It was quite the jam. Speaking of the jam…

On December 31st, we’re going to play our last show 2013… or is it???…… but seriously, it is. The show is at Exit/In and we’re playing with Diarrhea PlanetRi¢hie, and No Regrets Coyote. It’s going to be one hell of a show, so don’t miss it.

31st – Nashville, TN – Exit/In (New Years Explosion)

Robots go shopping, too.




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