MAGFEST ’11 – Acts I and II

If you’ve never seen us play Acts I and II, firstly, shame on you, and secondly, here’s your chance!

On January 14th and 15th, we’ll  journey to the freezing tundra of the north…Virgina/DC, (listen, it’s north for us, especially during January) to play Acts I and II at MagFest ’11.

14th – Alexandria, VA – Hilton Mark Center (MAGFEST ’11) **ACT I
15th – Alexandria, VA – Hilton Mark Center (MAGFEST ’11) **ACT II
16th – Alexandria, VA – Hilton Mark Center (MAGFEST ’11) **NO SHOW. Hanging out…

This thing is going to sell out soon, so get on it. Seriously, it’s going to be one hell of a party.


We may seem quiet this winter, but believe me, we’re deep up in the busies. Since we’re not on the road right now, we’re using this time to make some fancy little ditties to sling your way next year. Get excited.

Also, don’t forget that the  discount code: *********  at SoundMachineStore will go away soon….so make it count. (The Discount Code was Removed from this News Post. If you want fancy things like discount codes and free stuff from time to time, Sign Up On Our Mailing List. It’s exciting and fun!)

I just heard from Murphy that the Light Up The Night Shirts are now in stock, and being prepared for shipment.

Also, word on the street is that everyone you know has Act II on their wish list. Don’t disappoint them. The word won’t spread, unless you spread the word.

*NOTE* Don’t Sweat The Backorder Talk…we have plenty that are being dropped off at the distributor on Monday. Same goes for Act I.

See you at MagFest,


9 Responses to “MAGFEST ’11 – Acts I and II”

  1. Can’t help but feel bitter that I probably won’t be seeing an European city on your touring list anytime soon.

    I can’t believe a band is making me seriously consider this, but when I finally get the chance to fly across a whole continent, an ocean, and probably at least a half of yet another continent just to see you guys, you’d better be playing The Will Of One!

  2. why the BALLS haven’t you come to San Francisco yet? this is a city that cheers everything. we will love you. also, i will be a 1man street team.

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