We tried. We told them to keep it secret…to keep it safe. They failed. It’s everywhere now. It’s all over me. We know the cause of the leak. We know now where they got it, and we know who it was, but it doesn’t matter now. All that matters is that its out. There is, honestly, only one road now to go down. If its going to be released, the least we can do is give you a decent (read: not bad Mp3 bootleg) version of this demo to play with. This is the version to spread around. Let the world know.

So, We’ve heard it called “Don’t turn your back on the city” We’ve heard it called “DTYBOTC..BY?”. “Breaking Out” is the working title. Its scheduled to be the opening track for side II of Act II (our upcoming sophomoric release). It debuts the second of the two themes of the album; the counterpoint to the whole of side 1. If side one is a Spaghetti Western gone Robocop, then side two is Streets of Fire gone Logan’s Run. A dirty 1980s future where Spandex is tough and an alleyway knife fight is the only justice a man needs. We hope Steinman will be proud.

In other news:
We have a host of events coming up. We’d better see you there:
29th – Atlanta, GA – DRAGON•CON @Marriott Atrium Ballroom *ALL AGES* – 11:57PM
1st – Nashville, TN – 8 OFF 8th @Mercy Lounge *21+* – Only 3 Songs – 8:00PM
11th – Nashville, TN – NEXT BIG NASHVILLE @Exit/In *18+* – 11:00PM
12th – Chattanooga, TN @Rhythm & Brews – 8:00PM

Report to the Command Station. Your services are needed in Nashville and Chattanooga.

This is more than likely going to be our last burst of shows for the rest of the year, so if you were planning on skipping these to go to the next ones…get a new plan.
Don’t cry….ACT II is COMING!

Speaking of Act II. The last three days have been spent finishing two songs for a fancy style release towards the end of October…more on that later.

There’s no easy way out.


13 Responses to “D.T.Y.B.O.T.C.B.Y.”

  1. Thank you so much – the new song is incredible. Can’t wait to see you guys live; can’t wait for Act II.

    Please, please keep the fight raging on.

  2. if ever there were an idea jim stienman could be proud of, it’d be streets of fire meeting logans run. good job guys–kinda springsteen-esque and very cool.

    …and how about comming to tulsa on the act 2 tour, eh?

  3. I like the new song. Mostly though, I’m looking forward to the darker and more heavy tracks (ala Will of One or Sons of Fate).

  4. Speaking of Act II tour requests: Toronto. Come play Toronto. We need your spirit up here.

  5. Another tour request might be, um, Salt Lake City, Utah?

    I hate living out here. x.x Nobody tours here ever. Keep up the good fight, guys.

  6. ooo… when I heard that live I was blown away and I couldn’t wait for this demo… but now, it sounds like…Jefferson starship.
    You already have a really epic song here, it just need’s to be stronger vocally and I’d love if you swapped the keyboards for violins or something to that effect. If this version ends up on the cd expect no money from me.

  7. It sounds like if Freddy Mercury were the head of Springsteen’s E Street band.

    Fan-bloody-tastic! It definitely continues the experience of Act I.

  8. Just wanted to say that you guys played an extremely awesome show at Dragon*Con and it was one of the highlights of our groups trip to the con this year. Hope you guys can come back next year, but you may expect to see some of us at your shows well before then too!

    Until then!

  9. Wish I was still in the continental United States to see you guys when you start performing this and additional new songs. This is another great song, and I am looking forward to the next CD.

  10. Protomen! Love the new stuff! Come liberate Tulsa! We have been reduced to a Zoo and praying for Oklahoma City to buy an NBA team! You are needed!

    Note: I will be willing to put a full tank of gas in the Protobus, and 4 cases of beer inside the Protomen, if you kick ass in T-town! (I hope you drink Coors/Bud/Miller Light. I’ll even buy it in Missouri, so you get 6 point, instead of the cheap 3 point swill we drink here.)

  11. The new stuff sounds incredible, I was hoping the Protomen would continue the sound they made at Whiskerino.

    Oh, and, please come kick ass in Tulsa. We don’t have much.

  12. I will fly up to Tulsa to see you guys [given enough notice and given I don’t work that weekend]. I went to university there, so I have 5646813 friends there, half of which would LOVE to see you perform.

  13. Kind of a departure. I loved the first album, and I love this song, and I trust that Act II will be awesome. I’m looking forward to new sounds from you guys!

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